Golden eyes


Rated: PG

Notes and disclaimers: Yayers! My first wee little short story thang (well, there is Lost Star but no one read that!). Anyway, thank you for all the reviews. ^^ They made me feel very special, and to Nyx, I'm glad I made you feel light hearted and made you happy. Although that wasn't really the intent of this story (then again, there was no intent) I'm glad it did it.

I might, perhaps do something else with London. I like her very much and. she has a British accent! What is sexier than that? Well, besides Haruka's voice.^^;. I don't know yet thought, so please don't get your hopes up. However, if you like to see something else with London send me word about what you would like to happen. I need ideas people.

All characters + plot belong to me, and me only so ha! If you wish to use them in any way, shape or form (but for cybering or porn) please ask me. I'll most likely say yes.

She didn't stay long, maybe too whole days. She rolled in like a the golden sea in her eyes and had crushed many little shells on the shore. But in this case it hadn't been shells. It had been my heart. She left it on the sand in tiny fragments.

Although she may have told me she loved me in a moment of passion she never really meant it. I think I had known that but wouldn't admit it to myself. I was too smitten. Yet even through all the infatuation I was still in love and when I told her I loved I had meant it! Meant it with all my being.

I was young and I had been foolish. I should have just been happy that it wasn't a one-night stand. But for a few days I missed watching her walking around the loft in one of my big t-shirts and nothing else. I wanted her to be in my life always.

But, again, I was being irrational. I had only just met her yet fell head first in without wearing a helmet. I had been rammed between the walls of desire and had been left battered.

I went back to the bar every night for about a week hoping every time I would see her but I never did. I didn't even think of calling her! I had her number stilled scribbled down someone at my home. But the thought never occurred me and I'm sure that if I did call nothing would have happened.

Eventually, of course I stopped looking for her, stopped hoping I'd see her or that she would one day show up at my door looking at me with her golden eyes.

That was.perhaps a year ago. I'm long over Zariana, and I work now as a photographer again. I do landscapes (the ocean being my favorite) and people. Mostly women, all in black and white. It's my endless search for the right pair of golden eyes that will stay forever locked on mine.

The End

There you go! Did you like it? I sure hope so! Please don't be angry because I'm ending it, if you and didn't read the notes & disclaimers go read the second paragraph.

"In a daze I look across a crowded room

I see you there

Looking around you bored.

I want to sit next you

To steal your heart away

The way you've stolen mine"

Original Poem by moi (me), Ari-chan