~ ~ ~

NO ONE UNDERSTANDS ME. THEY glance for a second—that's all that they really have before they can glance no more—and all they see is the monster with the pearl fangs and the blazing hellish red eyes. No one takes time to calculate the correctness of his or her judgement. They point fingers, prepare the wooden stakes, and light the torches. That is the way that it has been done for centuries. That is what they did when I was human.

And they think that demons never change. Humankind has been short of alterations as well. Never mind that newfangled contraption called a "computer". Don't let those engine-fueled machines called "cars" fool you. Humankind has not changed at all, in spite of the advances in technology. Society has remained the same. Humankind . . . they're all the same.

And they still don't understand me.