A/N: Here's the third and final instalment- written April 20th, 2002, after the winter that freed me from depression. It's the longest of them all, but definitely the happiest! Enjoy!

The Butterfly 3: The Butterfly

Just a little further
Just another shove
I'm finally fighting a winning battle
As the dark walls of sorrow
Of pain and sadness
Are finally collapsing into dust.
I'm almost there
I'm almost out
Oh, what anticipation, what hope
And now-
I am finally free!
The beautiful sunshine
The caressing happiness I've missed so
Shines down on these new wings-
So that's what they are
Those strange things that caused me so much pain
Wings, so brilliant, so vivid
I have never been so beautiful,
I have never felt such joy!
I spread them
Oh, they are beautiful
I hold them out to dry the tears that clung to them
In the sunlight
And I flap
And- oh!
Suddenly all the years of pain,
The years of piercing dark that swallowed me whole
The stabbing sorrow that made me almost refuse to go on
Everything was worth it
Because now
I am flying!
I'm soaring above the remains of what held me prisoner
I'm sailing on the wind, whispering promises
To take me to lands unknown
Beneath the golden sunshine with my new wings glittering
I have never been so beautiful
I have never been so happy
This elation is beyond what I ever could have imagined
Back there
Back then
In the darkness
Suddenly I understand;
I had to be a slave
Before I could be free;
I had to know deep sorrow
Before I could know brilliant joy;
I had to be a cocoon
Before I could be a butterfly
And I know
As I soar away to the blue, blue sky I have missed so much
That for once and forever
I am truly

One minor note here- for more an explanation on "beautiful", see "The Sound of my own Footsteps"