Don't ever stop looking for the signs.

There are signs everywhere, every day, if you only know how to find them. It's that soft whisper of the sudden breeze that ruffles your hair lovingly, motherly, when you need a comforting touch. It's those sweet little rain-kisses on your face and palms when you were dreading a scorching hot day. It's that warm, gentle caress of a sunbeam, playful, reassuring, when you're standing drenched from a sudden hailstorm.

It's the deep, deep blue sky with the fluffy white clouds on what was supposed to be a dreary, blank afternoon. It's the roses on the roadside that suddenly burst into bloom after they had been forsaken. It's your special song on the radio right when you're feeling gloomy, it's that phone call you'd just gathered the courage to make yourself when suddenly it was made for you. It's a sentence that jumps out at you from a boring lecture, your favorite quote in your history book.

Don't ever stop looking for the signs.

The signs are what help you know that He's guiding you. You may think that He doesn't send signs, or He has much more important things to do than smile down at you to let you know He's there. But He's always there. He's in the sweet, melodious birdsong on that dreaded morning, the silent voice that penetrates into your brain, gently leading you back from the sleeping bliss, making you feel refreshed on the morning you really need it. He's in the murmuring of a stream created by midnight rain that still flows down the street. He's in the sudden golden gleam of sunshine that catches, only for a moment, in your own teardrop. He's in the moonlight glimmering silver on your pillow, telling you, sleep, my child, sleep.

Learn to appreciate the signs. The small joys that may seem so insignificant. The tiny things that make you smile for a brief moment. Because, maybe, one day, they'll be all you've got left. Allow yourself to take great delight in the signs. Let your heart sing to them, the melodies of a gift from heaven.

It is in the small joys that you can truly learn how much He really loves you, how much pain it causes Him when you cry. How He tries to let you know that He's always watching, always listening, always waiting for your happiness to return. So don't let them pass you by. Don't ever stop looking for them.

And when you do learn to take immense pleasure in the weather forecast being exactly as you wished, in a night sky full of beautiful, bright stars, in being given your lucky number while waiting in line, in a brilliant rainbow only you bothered to look up and see, only then you can truly learn to love Him back as deeply as a human heart is able.

And when you learn to appreciate the small joys, which leads to learning to love Him so deeply, then- and only then- can you understand the true beauty of everyday life.