Author's notes.

Author: twi - urchin @

Type: drama, romance

Rating: R? Warnings: Some violence, some language, sexual content, hinted incest (in later chapters) Keywords: vampires, slash Dedication: to kori, who's bunny it was to begin with

Archiving: if someone wants to archive this I'd be quite proud, but I'd also appreciate knowing about it and being linked back.

This story takes place in a vague, distant future. It contains slash and if that isn't your cup of tea, go read something else.

All characters are original and belong to me and my fiancée (who is the reason I wrote this). I'm sorry to announce it's still in process and hasn't been beta'ed or finished. -.-;;

Also, I'm not using any special system for the vampires (white wolf, Anne Rice, Buffy, Dracula, whatever) so if you feel all vampires should be written according to a 'system' you might feel horribly miserable reading this story.

The story is told from the point of view of Telgas, a "young" vampire becoming a rite master (the prolouge is the pov of someone else though). I know how first person stories can get confusing so I thought I'd give that up before story starts.

Erm. that's all I remember for now. Hope you enjoy it.