Picture Perfect
Mother cooking in the kitchen
Smiling for the PTA
Dad with his briefcase
Coming home from life at the office
Little girls with pigtails
Crisp, clean, little dresses
All smiles
Like the front of a manufactured greeting card
Picture Perfect

Step back
Look Closer

Mother crying all alone
Wondering where her life has gone
She didn't think
She'd end up like this
All her former ambitions abandoned
Hopes crumbled
The remenants of dreams
Washed down the drain

Dad locked away
For hours on end
Wondering how
He'll support his family
Better crunch more numbers

Little girls neglected
Feeling unloved
They grow up
Resenting their parents
Their lives won't be like this
They'll make something better
For themselves

And what happens?
They marry young
Have their own little girls
Lose sight of those precious dreams
And the cycle repeats
But it doesn't matter
As long as they can put up that front
Like their mother before them
So their families can still seem
Picture perfect