The World Revolves Around Me
The world revolves around me
But not the way I'd like
I watch out the window every day
As young kids go by on bikes
I see the happy busy people
Absorbed in their own lives
They neglect a little lonesome girl
Causing pain that cuts like knives

The world revolves around me
Because I am standing still
Not moving with the rest
Not following up the hill
They all rush past me quickly
In their cars and bikes and planes
With the earth still turning slowly
Not thinking of the pain
They cause a little lonesome girl
Who longs only for a smile
A kind word, hug, or compliment
Someone to listen for a while

The world revolves around me
As I stand longinly
Gazing out the window
For someone to care for me
All I want is someone kind
To let me open up my heart
And listen, only listen
To all that's tearing me apart
But the world keeps on turning
As I stay motionless
Only hoping to get through this day
And somehow survive the rest