A/N: Okay everyone.I'm writing this story for my best friend. Because I see her every single day, I'm sure this will be the fastest story I ever complete. It will be up to you how much of it I type. This is my first first person story so if it stinks I'm sorry. I also realize that the plot is a little corny, but it was based off our 'dream' weekends so it's allowed to be far fetched. Anywyz.please let us know what you think..


If anyone had asked us before last night if we believed in time travel or fate we would have laughed in their faces. Time travel was cool to think about and fate was not about to decide our lives. What changed our minds? Waking up one morning and realizing that we weren't in Kansas any more.

Becca and I were your typical high school seniors. We were the idyllic pair when it came to friendship, too. Becca was the cute, shy one while I was the louder, feistier one. Everything was going great; our grades were up (Becca would graduate valedictorian even though I think she doubts herself), our minds were getting ready to hit college, and well, everything was just looking up. Anyway, we decided to have a sleepover last night. Last time she had come to my house so we figured that it was only fair to go over to hers. We were both so excited. It was a Friday and in two weeks we were going to our homecoming!

Becca and I had rented some movies and we had just settled in our sleeping bags and turned on the second movie when the power went out. Neither of us really cared because we could still talk and all. I don't know how long our conversation lasted or when we fell asleep, but the next minute I knew I was being shaken awake and there was a very scared looking Becca tapping me.

"Katja, get up," she whispered loudly.

"Are you crazy?" I mumbled, closing my eyes again, "It's too early."

"No, Katja, I'm serious." Her voice was trembling.

I rolled over and sat up. "What? What is so gosh-darn important-" My gaze left her frantic face and skimmed the area around us. "Where are we?" Surely I was dreaming because this was not her family room. Where were the bookshelves? The windows? The kitchen? No, we were in a dark wood paneled room with only one door and no windows. The only light came from a lantern swinging above our heads.

I was becoming as nervous as she was really fast.

"I don't know," she whispered, "but I heard voices and people walking above us."

I looked up even though I knew I wouldn't see anything. "This is nuts. This is a dream." I laughed and shook my head. "Jeepers Creepers. This is the weirdest dream I've had in a long time."

She didn't seem convinced. "I don't think so."

"Sure it is, now, let's go back to sleep because even in this dream I'm tired."

She nodded as if trying to convince herself that I was telling the truth.

I had just put my head down on the hard, dirty floor when I heard voices. People were walking above us and next to us, talking and yelling. I listened carefully while trying desperately to keep a strong hold on my quickly fading dream theory.

The room began to rock and both Becca and I jumped to our feet. This didn't feel like any dream I had ever had before and I wasn't liking it too much.

"Okay, so now what?"

"Sh, you should whisper. We don't want them to hear us."

Even in this horrible moment I had to grin. "Them?" I whispered, "Them? 'Them' could be deaf snake aliens for all we know."

She didn't seem to get the same silliness I do when put in a bad spot.

"Okay, well, at least we know we're on a ship, right?"


I took a deep breath. "So, maybe we went for a midnight stroll across the street and ended up in one of the boats."

She looked at me like I had grown two heads.

"Hey, it could happen."

"This is serious."

"No, this is a dream." Seriously, how could it not be?

Then we heard it. A man ran across the deck above us shouting something about prisoners and stowaways and girls dressed up as boys.

Becca looked at our pajamas. Both of us were wearing flannel pants and oversized t-shirts. "Katja, I think they're talking about us."

I think that was when my mind snapped. This was real. Becca and I were on a wooden ship, in the water, alone, with strangers, and it wasn't a dream.

The man upstairs quit talking as another man said something about going to get the captain.

"Oh, my God," was the only thing that there was nothing we could pass threw my lips. We were like deer trapped in headlights, we were paralyzed by fear and the knowledge that there was nothing we could do to get out of this mess we had landed in.

"W-what's going to happen to us?" I stammered.

"Nothing," Becca said, trying her very best to sound calm, "They are going to realize this was all a huge mistake and send us home."

I liked her thinking, but such hopes were far too useless at a time such as this.

"Cap'n!" the man yelled, scurrying down steps, "I pu'em down 'ere." He was standing right outside the door.

I glanced at Becca and then to the door, listening as a second set of footsteps descended the stairs and came to s top at the door.

Slowly the door handle moved and it was like the world ceased to exist.