I stare into the abyss of the night wondering what
was to befall me in this my darkest hour. The hope I
once held onto, clenched with ever ounce of strength I
could muster, had tragically turned upon me. I could
see its dark eyes staring back at me watching, waiting
for me to slip up so it could make the kill. I stare
back knowing In my heart I must fight it with all the
power given to me. But I cannot! It is not fear that
has consumed me, changed my will to survive; but hope.
Hope that maybe if this foul being staring me down
could somehow bring peace to my miserable existence.

Yes I shall start my journey to the top of mount
Acathras, I shall finally begin the destiny which has
been set before me. What awaits me at the top of this
great mountain? I fear it will be my demise, for I
failed in my mission to bring to humanity that which
it has sought for an eternity. I cannot bring myself
to remember all the good I have accomplished with this
meaningless existence, because it is clear all of the
bad outweighs anything I could have possible done
good. I can only hope the great Libra can sort it all
out and weigh things accordingly.

My mind wonders away from the path of things I have
set in motion. Back to the inspirational words of the
great Master Polaris, he who has taught me everything
I know. "In the days ahead you will do many great
things, help many great people, alas in the end you
will be consumed by the humanity in which you will
be submerged. But be hopeful the one you hold closest
to your heart will also be your salvation." When all
of this began I had no idea what my master was hinting
at, but now as my journey comes to an end I understand
his words. I am not alone. As long as the great Princess
of Aluvia exists I shall have a purpose. A reason to
fight the beast staring me down. The beasts eyes narrow
as I turn away from the mountain, and begin to ready
myself for the impending battle. I know I will be
victorious and I can see it knows this as well. The
fear in its eyes is clearly shown in the pale moon light
glimmering down upon its features. I have no pity for
this beast but it appears to pity me, for it knows
what I must do. Even if I myself have not fully
acknowledged the new mission set before me. I can only
hope that when all is done the Aluvian Princess will
be safe. I shake my head to clear my thoughts and
smile at the beast. "Our battle will not be today, so
live life as if this were to be your last day and you
have received a second chance. I will be watching

I turn on the lights and let a sad smile slip to my
reflection staring back at me, "yes I will be watching