The Master of Humanity has yet to figure out I will
fight him no longer. There is a part of me lying deep
within that craves the simplicity of the human
culture, I stare at it every day. The illusion, the
mask I wear to blend in with the humans, beckons and
pleads for me to give in. I stare at it now, in the
mirror, its deep brown eyes probing me for an answer I
cannot give. I find it comforting that when I wear
this mask of photonic particles I can truly forget the
troubles of my past. I can be happy and carefree. But
lately as I consider giving into the Brown haired boy
staring back at me, I am reminded of my own past. It
seems that the same problems are going to follow me
where ever I go.

I disable the image disguising my true features
and look back into the mirror. I stare at the face I
will despise for the rest of my existence. The face of
a traitor and coward that would run from his people,
his Father, when they needed him the most. The eerily
emerald green eyes staring at me almost glowing with
intensity, the platinum blonde hair showing how much
my powers have truly faded.

I remember back when I was a child playing in the
great Palace of Asteroth. Back when I was pure and
innocent, the golden glow of my hair could be seen in
the darkest room. This is what drove them to the
decision that I would be the one to lead them through
the upcoming darkness...

They where wrong I was not a leader. I was nothing
more then a child wanting to be happy. I wanted to be
a caster, a writer, or the commander of one our
starships. I didn't want to fight the evil so I ran. I
ran and made one of my goals come true, I fought for
the position I had acquired aboard the Excalibur and
was very happy. That is until they found me. They
tried to force me into the destiny in which they had
chosen and for this I ran again. I joined the
Anthropological survey team traveling to this planet.
I joined them and yet I am the last one remaining, all
have fallen to the evilness of humanity. As will I...

I cannot say I have regretted coming to this little
blue planet. In fact if I ever had to leave I do
believe I would miss some people. Those humans who
stood out above all others, that where just as self
sacrificing as my people were... are. I remember
Heather, the first Human who made contact with me. She
would do anything just to make a friend. There was
James whose quietness was only out done by his need to
build things. His mind was almost as enlightened as
ours. Of course I cannot forget Angela, She who would
defend me even if it weren't necessary. She was very
confusing but someone I called friend...

I look up once again at my reflection, running over
all the memories of the past, and active the
holographic disguise. If I become Human I will not be
left alone there are even people here who will try to
force this destiny upon me... All I can do is fight,
and hope maybe one day someone will understand and
take me for who I am...