Seething Evil

Stop saying I talk,

Cuz I don't...

I may fit some lies,

But I am quaint...

Don't say I am shy,

Cuz I am a lil sensitive..

Cuz when all bitches & bastards

rot in hell,

A smile crawls onto my face...

And you always said

Innocence was a choice..

Well fuck that shit,

Those people are the ones

that set my innocence to flee...

Maybe there aint no good left in me...

Who am I kidding? Everyone still has a tad of

innocence left,

But shall I use it?

What's the point

if everyone thinks I am a bitch..

Maybe I'll finally

manage to lose it..

Cuz its always the quiet ones..

That have demented minds..

It's always the quiet ones

that will surprise you..

It's always the quiet ones,

With sins unforgiven..

Screaming in their throats..

Murder makes them gloat..

And death is just a prize..

Their lives filled with hatred and

petty lies...

Maybe I don't know what I am...

Is Innocence still there,

Or has my evil reached my end?

Which contains more power,

Which will lead you to happiness,

Will I ever reach my innocence?

Damned if I dont...

Happy if I wont..

Cuz it's always the quiet ones...

And one day when I see my enemies

The people who made my innocence flee,

when I see them suffer like no tomorrow,

I am gonna laugh...

Cuz one day some bitches & bastards

will learn...

That it's always the quiet ones

that love the evil they earn....