Teachers Pet by: Sara DISCLAIMER: All characters in this are fully created by my own twisted mind and are not based on anyone in the real world! If you find this offending, don't read it, but if you still want to read it and it offends you, well, tell me.

Mr. Smith stood at the front of his classroom, watching as they worked. He was about 30 and had been teaching for about 4 years now. He taught highschool juniors, and his favorite part of the day was just watching them. Two girls passed a note, thinking they were being secretive. He wondered what the note said, chances were one would drop it and he'd find out. He had a whole stash of notes in his drawar, he wasn't quite sure why, only knew that he kept them. Two boys were watching as cheerleaders passed by the window, the girls saw them and giggled to each other, then kept going.

Then there was Kristin McCarr. She sat in the middle of the classroom, managing to socialize with everyone at once. She had brown hair with red highlights that was pulled back into a pony tail. Her green eyes flashed with excitement, and her hands were constantly moving. She wore a lowcut lavender shirt, and a white miniskirt with white heels. Every guy in the school looked at her, wanting her, including much of the faculty. Her only problem was that she wasn't very good at history, the subject he taught. He sighed and looked at the latest grades, she had a C-, almost making her unable to do cheerleading anymore. He would need to talk to her soon, but not until she was ineligable. Besides, today he had to talk to someone else.

Sonya Chilings, who prefered to be called Kandi. She was short, and had dyed black hair, which had various other colors in it. Blue and purple this week. Her nose, eyebrow, and tongue were pierced, and he had given up counting the piercings on her ears. She wore dark purple lipstick and thick eye makeup. She was sitting in the corner, drawing instead of working. She had a 30% in the class, and he had decided it was time to talk to her about it. The belle rang.

"Kandi, can you stay after a moment?" he asked, she stopped short of the door and gave him a bored look before taking a seat in the front. Once everyone was gone he sat on his desk.

"What?" her long nails tapped the desk, making an irritating click sound. One hand moved to push a stray curl back.

"It's about your grades."

"Lemme guess, I'm failing."

"Good guess. Don't you care."


"Well, I am afraid it's gotten to the point where I do, and I think you're parents should know." she sat up straight, fear in her eyes.

"Don't, ok? My parents don't give a shit."

"Then why care if I tell them?"

"Because," she stood up, the blue tank she wore under the mesh shirt riding up. "Because, they don't care, because they don't know. If they knew..." she trailed off, and turned away.

"What would happen if they knew?"

"Parental shit. I have free reign, I don't tell, they don't care. But if they care, then," she made a snapping gesture with her hand, "all of that is gone. Get what I'm saying here?"

"Yes, I do. Unfortunately it's my duty as a teacher to tell them. I'm sorry that they'll be angry, but that's not my fault."

"Then why'd you even tell me if you were gonna tell them anyway?"

"In case you wanted to some extra credit." she gave him a suspicous look.

"Extra credit."

"Yes, extra credit."

"I can't believe you're one of them!" she screamed suddenly, and grabbed her bag and dashed out of the office. He sat there, confused.


Kandi ran out of Mr. Smith's office, eyes angry. She went straight to her car, but instead of driving away lit up a cigarette. I can't believe he's one of those skanky teachers. 'Extra credit'. She took a long drag, watching as people walked by. She then thought of her fathers reaction if he found out she was failing. He'd hit her, then her mother. She'd avoided him for so long. With an irritated sigh she put out the cigarette and walked back to the school. As she walked she pictured Mr. Smith in her head. Early 30's, in the 6 ft range, piercing blue eyes matched with soft brown hair. He wore plain khaki's and a white button up shirt. He was definitely the kind of teacher every girl dreamed about.

She opened the door to his classroom without knocking. He sat in his chair, grading papers, the top buttons of his shirt undone and the die laying over the back of the chair. She closed the door and walked to him. He looked up, and smiled.

"You came back."

"Yeah, well, I don't want my parents to know." She stepped closer to him, he stood his ground. "If I do extra credit, will my grade go up."

"Well, if you do a good job." she made a face.

"You're disgusting. Teachers like you are disgusting."


"You heard me."

"I'm confused. I want to give you some extra homework so you don't fail, yet-"

"Homework?" he nodded.

"What'd you think I wanted?"

"A blowjob." she said blatantly. He sat back, shock written on his face, but curiousity too.

"Has a teacher ever made you do this before?" she shrugged, a shrug which said yes. "Which one?"

"What does it matter. I'd rather do that then homework anyways." She crossed her arms, making her breasts push up. He had never looked at any of his students in a sexual way, but suddenly he was. She was well built, wearing baggy pants, but a small tight shirt. Her face was pretty too, in that holey kind of way. He scooted under his desk, feeling himself getting aroused. She smiled. "You want me to, I can tell."

"No, I'm not that kind of teacher Kandi." she rolled her eyes.

"All male teachers are that kind of teacher, Adam." she said, using his first name. "Some just don't know it yet." She stepped forward, he suddenly seemed like a challenge.

"No Kandi, and I'm sorry you think that way." she turned and looked at the door, with a sly smile she closed the blinde and locked it. "Kandi-" suddenly both her tank and mesh shirt were over her head. He couldn't help looking and her smooth olive skin, and feeling even more aroused, even if it was only her back. She turned her head, and dropped the shirts. "Put the shirts back on Kandi."

"No." she turned, giving him a full view of her breasts. They were perfect. Just large enough to cup in his hand he guessed, small and firm, nipples hard. Her stomach was flat and muscular. She walked towards him, breasts bouncing slightly with each step. "Touch them Mr. Smith." She stopped mere inches from him. "I know you want to." She reached down, picking up his hand and placing it on a breast. He felt himself pull back. This is wrong. He tried to tell himself, but she had started it, so was it really?

He felt her smooth skin under his palm, yearned to take her nipple in his mouth. With her free hand she started rubbing her other breast, and licked her purple lips. "Kandi, I don't think-" she covered his mouth with her own then, pushing her tongue into his mouth, massaging his tongue with hers. That was the last straw, he couldn't hold back anymore. He wrapped an arm around her, pulling her onto his lap, she easily straddled him, knees on the sides of his thighs on the chair. She wrapped her amrs around his neck, and he started massaging her breasts. She moaned into his mouth and he pressed harder, he slowly started kissing down her neck. She wrapped her fingers in his hair as he moved down, to her breasts. He caught one nipple with his teeth, and started teasing it. She leaned back, breath starting to go faster. He moved to the other nipple, and slowly sucked it.

One of her hands moved down to his cock, massaging it through his pants. He pulled back and looked at her, she gave him a grin, and he bent back to her nipple. Suddenly there was a knock at his door. "Mr. Smith?" It was Kristin. Kandi pulled back, eyes angry.

"I have to-" he said, voice hoarse.

"Well, next time perhaps." she stood up, and casually retrieved her shirts, pulling them over her head. "Keep that covered." she pointed to the mound in his pants. "Just tell her you told me my grade." Kandi unlocked the door and opened it.

"Oh, Kandi. Hi." Kristin smiled one of her big smiles, perfect white teeth framed by baby pink lips.

"Preppy bitch." she muttered and pushed past.


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