By Carter Tachikawa

I hear the whispers in the wind
Nothing but words strung along and riding around
And as I listen
I grow weaker and I fall to my knees

Such hateful words...bitter words...
They wound the soul, regardless how loudly spoken
Despite who they intend to hurt
Rude words... harsh words...
Blend in with that raging storm
Melt with the rain

Where do the whispers come from? I do not know.
Why do they linger here? I do not know.
How can simple words carry so much poison in them?
A mystery indeed...

Frozen with sadness, I feel so cold
And sometimes to dull the sounds, I imagine someone else
I pretend they whisper to me
Their words feel light like feathers yet they are heavy
Brimming over with happiness like the tears in my eyes
Overflowing with love, running like the blood in my veins
These whispers feel nice. These words aren't harsh.

Then I hit the ground also known as reality
That person is gone. Their whispers are gone.
The only thing I hear are the whispers in the wind
Hateful words...bitter words...
Sucked dry of sweetness, saturated with a sour taste
I'm cold again

They're whispers, just whispers
Nothing but words strung along and riding around
But when those words reach my ears
I fall down because I'm wounded

(I started this poem like...ten years ago...and have decided to finish it now. I didn't know how to end it but I finally did. Now my poetry is going to go on a hiatus cause I'm working on my original fiction as well as my original anime/manga now. I have two short stories "Lying Is What I'm Good At" and "Imaginary Witnesses" and the first episode of my anime "Pandora's Shadows" (I uploaded the prologue to this already) to work on. Not to mention a new FF7 story that's fresh on my mind. Well, later!)