You told me you

Loved me

As you wiped away

My tears.

You told me tears

Were bad

Because they showed every one

Our fears.

You told me not

To be afraid,

For what is there to

Be afraid of?

But if there is nothing

To be afraid of,

Why am I

Afraid of your


You told me not

To tell anyone

Because they wouldn't


You told me to

Close my eyes

As you put out

Your hand.

You told me if

I left

That you would just

Bring me back here.

Back to the place

So full

Of fear.

You told me not

To scream

As you threw me

To the floor.

You told me to

Just stay still

As you went and

Locked the door.

You told me I

Wasn't good enough,

But you loved


You told me I

Was everything to you,


Yet you still

Played me.

You told me I

Was ugly,

And never would be

Anything good.

You told me just

To hide the bruise on my cheek

Under the black of my sweater's hood.

You told me to be

A good girl

For you,

But his time I

Didn't hear.

You told me to

Get back inside or

You'll give me

Something to fear.

Your threats no longer

Worked on me.

I told you that

I'm leaving forever,

To a place where

You can't find me.

To a place where

I'll finally

Be free.

Wednesday, July 26, 2000

Age 16