This story was started when I was twelve years old, and as such, I don't feel it adequately represents the work I write now and I have decided to take it down. I'm leaving it up because, still, to this day, I will sometimes go back and read reviews when I'm feeling down on myself, or sometimes just to remember the friends I made.

At first I thought I would just send it to anyone who wanted to read, but I have decided not to do this for two reasons. First, even though this is a crappy story, it's probably best to keep it in my possession. Second, and more important, my computer had a huge virus and I saved the story before I wiped my computer clean, but I am hesitant to give it in case the virus stuck on any of my files, like I have been told it might.

Thank you to everyone who read it. It was my first finished, complete story and I am grateful to anyone who would have read it.