Disclaimer: All characters in this story are fictional and there is no Jay Evers from the Mississippi Evers family in my knowledge. I don't even know if there is such thing as a Mississippi High. For all those who have read my other stories this is different from the rest. I wrote it three/four years ago.

Chapter One

Melanie Sanders held her books to her chest and blinked back tears; it was hard not to cry when she got such a low grade in her Advanced Math lessons. It was a tragedy, a calamity! She got a big fat B minus, despite all her studying for that test last night. She had stayed awake for hours--and what did she get? A not-so-failing grade of minus! What was this world coming to? Where did all her hard work go?

For most people, it was an average score, but for her, it was a major problem. She was a straight A student, and this just broke her record of getting A grades for two years.

Melanie had bright blue eyes and dark brown hair. She was 17, a senior in Mississippi High School. She lived with her parents in a small, two-story house and she had twin sisters in college, who were both scholars in Stanford.

Her parents too, were expecting her to be a scholar in Stanford, or she couldn't go to college; her parents had no money. That was no problem, since she always got high grades. The only thing that was holding her down was Jay, a really rich and conceited guy.

Jay Evers was really smart and popular; he was Melanie's worst rival since sixth grade. It was annoying, really, for a guy to be so perfect. He had everything according to any normal girl's standards: the looks, the body, the brain, and the money. He was athletic, strong, a charmer. Everyone loved him.

Jay had blackish brown hair and gray eyes, he was easily the cutest guy in school, smart--and he was the only thing holding her back from getting a scholarship. He was also a member of one of the most prominent families in Mississippi, a descendant of the famous Evers brothers, Charles and Medgar Evers. Melanie felt her face (figuratively speaking) going green whenever she saw him. Why did he have to be so perfect?

"Mel! Wait up!" a familiar voice called her name. It was her best friend, Kimberly. Melanie turned around, snapping out of her self-pitying state and tried to form a smile. Kimberly Letters had curly blonde hair that reached her shoulders. She also had a boyfriend, Jordan, who was a pal of Jay.

"What's the matter?" Kimberly said, her voice full of concern when she finally caught up with Melanie, seeing the sad look on her face.

Melanie looked away, "I got a B minus in advanced math." She said sadly. Kimberly squinted at her, not sure whether to laugh or cry. She knew Melanie took her grades super-seriously, so laughing was not an option.

"Maybe you'll still get a scholarship if you're the salutatorian."

Melanie glared at her friend; "salutatorians only get a scholarship in the University of Mississippi," she scoffed. "Who would want to go there?"

Kimberly closed her mouth and nodded, "O-kay." She said, then changed the subject. She didn't know what else to say, she couldn't relate to this obsession with grades.

"Let's go eat lunch in the cafeteria."

"I'm going to study in the courtyard." Melanie interrupted again. Kimberly quickened her pace, catching sight of her boyfriend waving at her at the end of the hall, "sure!" she said, "if you're really want to be alone... fine! Bye Mel!"

Kimberly waved and jogged toward the cafeteria. Melanie went out to the courtyard and spread her packed lunch in front of her. She got a bologna sandwich and ate, with her trigonometry book in front of her.

1/4xy?+76.1259y?-10.999xz??3/2xz?-22 1/6xy? \ 71890y? x=_ y=_ z=_

Melanie quickly scribbled the answers on the blanks, and then continued on to the next question. Her mind was in the middle of computing when "Hiya!" Said Alex, the blonde guy who had been courting her for months. He plopped down in front of her. Melanie smiled at him.

"Hiya!" a mocking voice echoed, and Jay dropped on the other side of Melanie. Alex scowled when he realized he wouldn't be alone with Melanie. Why was HE here? This guy should have nothing to do with Melanie-they hated each other. Jay didn't go after brainy brunettes.

"Go back to your blonde cheerleaders, Evers."

Jay stared at him blankly, "what are you talking about?"

Melanie glared at Jay, "what are you doing here?" she asked rudely.

"This is a free country," said Jay, "I can sit anywhere I want with anyone whom I please to be with."

"Yeah?" Melanie gave him the evil eye, "well, It's not pleasing for me to eat with you!" she almost shouted as she picked up her things and stomped off with Alex tagging behind.

--------------------------------------------------- ------------------------ ----------------------

The bell rang and Melanie slipped out the school in a hurry, she had to get to her job--and fast, or she would be late. It was that darned Theatre/Drama auditions that made her late. And her extra-curricular activity registrations were due today, they looked good on her college applications.

Melanie had no money for the bus fare and she didn't have a car. Oh, yesiree she would be late this day. She half ran to her part time job in a pharmacy five blocks away. It wouldn't be the first time she would be late and she hated letting her boss down.

Suddenly, a red sports car pulled up beside her and slow drove along with her as she jogged. Melanie noticed it. Just as she was getting paranoid, thinking on the line of rape, abduction and murder, the window was pulled down.

"Need a ride?" Jay called, flashing one of his best Jay-smiles. Melanie's heart skipped a beat. She had never been this happy to see Jay before, and she really needed a ride.

"Yeah!" She grinned, and she got in the backseat.

Jay looked at her from the mirror and patted the seat beside him, "sit here," he suggested. Melanie sighed and jumped over the gear-shifter and into the front seat. She had not much time to lose.

"To the Pharmacy in West Side Street, please," she said, looking at her watch. (I don't know if there is a West Side Street in Mississippi)

"My, we're in a hurry today, aren't we?" Jay teased as he pressed on the gas pedal. "Your boyfriend's waiting?" Melanie let out her breath sharply and kept quiet. For a while there was a silence, but Jay broke it. Her boyfriend waiting in the pharmacy? She wanted to scream at him to get real.

"So, how are your grades?" He asked after a long pause, trying to get Melanie to reveal some good news--for him. Melanie's mood darkened. Was he some kind of mind reader? She couldn't give Jay the satisfaction by admitting she got a B minus.

"Fine." She snapped.

"I see you feel like chatting today," Jay said sarcastically. He was about to go past the pharmacy when Melanie yelled, "STOP RIGHT THERE!"

The car screeched to a halt, and Melanie tried to open her door, but it was locked. She shot Jay a dirty look.

Jay opened his door and went to her side of the car and opened it for her as if they were on a date. Melanie turned red at the thought, and then brushed it away. She was still two minutes early because of the unexpected lift. Should she thank him, Jay Evers, her mortal enemy and number one rival?

"You're a beautiful shade of rose, darling," Jay whispered in her ear.



Melanie turned even redder as she grabbed her books in the car. Melanie faced Jay to thank him, but when she did, she felt his mouth on hers. What the...? Jay cuddled her in his arms gently, as if she was his lover. She felt an odd feeling of warmth and protection.

Mmmm... She could stay this way forever.

Melanie felt her self relax, and she dropped her books, leaving her arms swinging helplessly on her sides. Jay pressed her to him, as if he was desperate for more, but he did it gently. Out of the corner of her eye, she caught a car zoom bye, and the bell in the shop tinkle.

She became aware of where they were: in the middle of the sidewalk! Melanie quickly pushed Jay and picked up her things. She muttered a good-bye and thanks then dashed to the shop--she was just one minute late.

Author's Note: Just goes to show I was a green-minded sixth/fifth grader. I edited it so don't think I wrote this good at that age! ^_^