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Chapter Twenty-Six



"She what!" Jay gaped at Kimberly.

Kimberly nodded, "I don't think she got invited to that party, I--"

"I'll kill Sharon--"

"I'm not sure yet!"

Kimberly looked around nervously. Jay was so loud...!

"I ought to..." Jay scratched his head in frustration. What the devil possessed Sharon not to invite...


Or was it? Why else wouldn't Sharon invite Melanie? But would any girl be _that_ into Jay that she'd go though such measures? ~Maybe I'm just flattering myself~, he thought.

The third bell rang, signaling the end of the first break.

"Bye, gotta go," Kimberly hurried away, "see you around," she called over her shoulder. Jay frowned, and then smiled. Spanish was next! He had that with Melanie... Melanie, who had to be hurt she wasn't invited to the practically unofficial and premature senior's night.

Well, if Melanie wasn't to be his date, he wasn't going.

A plan began to formulate in his mind.


"Hola amigo!" Melanie brightened when she saw Jay looking like he was solving all the world's problems by the Spanish Class doorway. It troubled her that he caused her heart jump with joy whenever she saw him but she pushed that thought away.

She was happy and that was all that mattered... even Sharon's party was forgotten for a while, and her apparent status of loserness in this school.

Jay's face lighted up at the sound of her voice and turned around.

"Caramia," he said in a fake accent and took her in his arms. He held out her arm and kissed the length of it loudly. It tickled, and she giggled a bit.

"Oh Fredriko, mi amore," she played along and pretended to swoon.

"Antonia," he murmured. She smothered a laugh at the name, "Por favor que--"

"What the hell are you two standing around there like lovers for?" Gordon interrupted as he went in the classroom. He smirked when Melanie's face turned bright red. She was in Jay's arms, and his lips were on her shoulder, making her hot.

Camille and Sharon were coming, a stormy look on Camille's face. Melanie quickly pulled away, embarrassed.

Jay scowled--their moment was gone.

Gordon saw the look on his face and backed up. "Sorry man, didn't know you were so intimate."

Sharon arrived and she gasped. "Who was intimate?" The gossip, as usual. Camille slowly looked at Melanie from head to toe in disdain.

Melanie thought she had chosen her clothes well enough, but she felt like a toad next to the glamour girl, who was wearing real snakeskin ankle boots, a black mini skirt way above the knees and a long flared-sleeved Windsor exotic top.

Melanie, on the other hand was wearing simple denim jeans, and a red tank top with a black, buttoned sweater over it.

Jay's scowl worsened when he saw Melanie's insecure face, and he wrapped his arm around her shoulders protectively. Just because of this, Melanie felt better, and they entered the classroom. Before the teacher came in, Jay turned to Melanie, who sat beside him. "Melanie, I was wondering..."

"Hmm?" Melanie dimpled at him, forgetting her K-mart clothes and Camille's designer outfit. Jay felt his heart skip a beat. "If..." he cleared his throat, "if we could uh... go out on Saturday."

For a moment, Melanie thought he knew. Jay knew she wasn't invited, and this was all a big joke... a trick! Just so he could embarrass her in front of every one. That he thought she was a loser. A--

"I mean, if you'd rather go to Sharon's party it would be fine..." he looked at her hopefully. Melanie's spirits soared--it wasn't some big joke! She couldn't help the big smile erupting on her face. And it was a perfect excuse not to attend the party.

"I'd love to!"

That sounded too eager.

"I mean... sure, why not?" But Jay didn't miss the radiant glow of happiness. He dared to think... did she return his feelings toward her?

"Where to?" She asked.

"A... walk," he blurted out. Her eyes widened.

"A walk?" She bit her lip. Would her dad allow her? No, of course he wouldn't. Would she have to sneak out?

"Er... a walk through... Rosewood Park and then maybe..." Jay hastily scrambled around his mind for date ideas. A movie was too common and he thought Melanie deserved more than that.

"Dinner," he finally said when she looked at him expectantly.

"Well... I'm not sure..." Melanie felt a flush creeping up her neck and into her face out of her giddiness. This had to be one of the best moments of her senior life! She wasn't invited to the biggest bash of the year, but she was going out with Jay... which would probably be more fun than dancing while the popular people stared at you critically anyway!

"Well, you don't have to answer me now!" He said quickly, before she could refuse him. "Think about it first, then you can tell me the answer by maybe tomorrow morning." He leaned over and kissed her lightly on the cheek and turned to the teacher, who had just entered the classroom. He spent the rest of the period planning The Date.


"And a one, two, step, two, three and four and turn!" Mr. Gregory clapped his hands as the frustrated students tried to master the steps of the waltz or minuet or whatever you called the dance was. Melanie was dizzy from all the turns she had to repeat.

This had to be the weirdest play she had ever been in. And to make it even worse, someone put it in Mr. Gregory's mind that musicals were the only way to go when it came to plays... and so now Melanie had to *sing* as well as learn new dances and everything else onstage. And Mr. Gregory seemed to confuse modern with old. This was supposed to be a MODERN Romeo and Juliet, but nooo they still had to dance this strange dance-which was part of the "Masquerade/Ball Scene."

Melanie wiped the sweat on her brow with her hand and placed back on her mask. Mr. Gregory was still correcting some other dancer on the other side of the room. She leaned back against Jay, who was, of course, her partner. Her "mysterious" partner, the Uninvited One to the Capulet's ball. Which was ironic, since she was the Uninvited One in real life.




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