Chapter 3

Will sat in front of the campfire he built and looked into the blaze, relaxed. He turned to Isabel, who was sitting next him.
"What were you going to say, earlier?"
" . . . Oh, yes! So, I didn't have to leave my home in the dead of night, climb up that dreadfully tall beanstalk, and go through the trouble of rescuing you? I could've just gone to the outskirts of Thistledown, grabbed a relative of yours, who could've gotten the flute and tamed the giant right off! Then rescued you with no trouble! I would've had to come!"
Isabel slapped her forehead and leaned back against the log she was sitting in front of.
"But, I'm glad you did."
"Because, I- well, I- I was sort of full of myself, back there. Was I not?"
"Yes, you were."
"Well, you showed me otherwise. You also inspired me to try again at taming giants and I-" Will rubbed the back of his neck and refused to look at her.
"Go on" Isabel entreated him.
"I- I like you. You're the first girl I've ever said that to, so . . consider yourself lucky."
"I do."
Will's first attempt made him a little braver.
"Isabel . ."
"I- I- I mean I really like you."
Isabel said nothing and just waited for him to continue speaking. "I might go so far as to say that I think I . . I think I love you." Will finally lifted his eyes toward Isabel and they found her blushing.
"Well?" Will asked anxiously. Isabel didn't say anything but responded with an affectionate kiss on the cheek. Will reached over and turned her face towards his and returned the kiss on her lips.
"You know, we're close enough to the village that we can make it in ten minutes," he said once they parted. "It's just over those hills. I'll carry you." Isabel smiled affectionately at him. Will gently picked her up and began to walk towards the village. Both smiled with content and they were no longer uncomfortable in each other's company.

THE END!!!!!!!! :)