A/N This poem is based on how I feel a lot lately. It was waiting to be made and finally I felt so bad, that I just needed to do something.

The Mask

I wear a mask.

On the outside I give a smile

I shed a tear

I speak wisdom.

I am called brave

I am called intelligent

I am a friend.

Behind this mask

I cry a river

I sob an ocean

I fall into the depth of the darkest place

My very own heart

The heart is one of the coldest ice

The prison guard paces before my cell

Keeping me confined

Confined to this dingy cell

Confined to behind this mask

On the outside

I am a pretender.

On the inside

I am nothing.

Oh, I dream of wonderful things

As I sleep upon the cold stone

I shiver without a warm touch

The blanket I yearn for

Nothing to warm my insides.

Nothing to brighten my day.

So I deteriorate behind this cell.

Behind this mask.

Then, the guard opens my cell.

The key it holds with beautiful gold scrolls

Inserted into my cell door.

The ice and stone cell door swings open and I walk sorrowfully out behind the guard

I am afraid

Afraid of what fate has dealt me this time

Has she been kind and wishes to let me out?

Or has she yet again, left my verdict unanswered?

We walk through the passageway

A strange pair

A beast, a creature that has mutated over the years

I recognize it's human features but most is exaggerated.

I hear the moans through the cell doors.

Shadows grab at me

Freezing me to my very soul at the deepest part of me

A shiver goes down my spine as I hear distant cries and pleas of help.

I stop.

A figure catches my attention.

A young child.

A child with almond-shaped eyes of the deepest browns

Hair of jet black

Much younger than I.

She reaches her hand out to me and I touch her own small fingers.

The guard growls and the child howls

Let me out!

She screams

I cry helplessly.

The guard grabs me and tugs me along.

I stumble and nearly fall.

Fate has summoned for you.

The guard speaks gruffly and leaves me

I must walk alone for the last few feet.

Mist surrounds me and I close my eyes to feel the effects on my eyelids.

I have called you again and I have not yet been able to free you.

I nod sorrowfully.

I understand.

I turn my back slowly, tears forming in the depths of my eyes.

Hold out a while longer, my child.

I barely nod my head before I exit the way I came.

Do not give up hope.

I close my eyes as I walk the seemingly familiar path I've walked for many of my days.

Your day will come, she whispers.

I merely shrug.

The message falls upon deaf ears.

I remain behind the mask.

Will I ever be free?

My eyes are vacant

As I stare ahead of me

Without care

I can no longer care

If I am to remain a prisoner

So may it be done.

I replace the mask upon my face.

And I am lost again in the depth of my heart.


A/N Um, I think fin means finish. So, that's the end of this poem. I've had a few ppl give me input and so far, everyone liked it.
Lots of Love and God Bless,

Angel13/Kira/Watery/Kila/[insert random nickname of the moment]