Micah awakened her by kissing her. It was now sunset and time for him to take her for her first feeding. Terry, on the other hand, had no intention of staying with him. She waited until he'd left her in an alley, promising to lure some prey to her, and ran as fast as she could to the bus stop. It seemed like a lot of important events in her life led her to this bus stop. She only had a little money left in her pocket from the last time she'd run from Micah. She sat near the back of the bus, staring straight ahead of her at the back of someone's head. She didn't have any of her stuff or very much money but she knew she could make it.

            "Hi," a teenager said to her. He was pale with dark hair and chains on his jeans.

            "Hello," she replied, turning an icy gaze on him. He took this as an invitation to sit down in the seat next to her. He was silently reading a vampire novel when she looked at him again. She shrugged and continued her dark thoughts.

            What had happened was like a nightmare. She'd been forced into becoming a vampire by someone she'd trusted. Well, she'd kind of trusted him. Pangs of hunger gnawed at her stomach but she forced herself to ignore them. She figured getting away from Micah was more important than feeding. Unfortunately, she was wrong. The world was beginning to spin in slow circles, gaining speed until she felt like she was on a merry go round from hell. She slowly slipped into unconsciousness.

            She awoke to find the boy leaning over her holding a human neck in front of her. The human was almost too weak to live but she'd stopped just before she took too much blood. He smiled when he saw that she was awake.


            "Hi," she whispered. He smiled even more, revealing fangs. "You're a vampire," she said, shocked.

            "Yep. So are you," he replied, "Fledglings shouldn't be out on their own. Who made you?"

            She became extremely nervous.

            "I ran away."

            "You what?"

            "Ran away. He forced me to become this… but he made me trust him first."

            "Vicious," he boy hissed, "but it looks like you come from a line that doesn't kill often."

            "My brother didn't either. I think it's just a family thing," she replied not wanting to think of Micah as anything but dangerous and evil.

            "Your brother was a vampire too?" the boy asked in amazement.

            "Yep…he was killed a while back. I got the bitch who did it, though."

            "You were human then?"

            "Uh huh. Then this freak of a guy comes around telling me I'm his dead girlfriend reincarnated and something about a gypsy…. Yeah right!"

            "Sounds pretty bad."

            "It sucked," she agreed.

            "Wanna know a secret?" the boy asked in a childish yet irresistible voice.

            "Sure," she replied expecting something stupid.

            "Not all of us bow to Micah."

            Terry knew her face wore a shocked expression. How the hell did he know about her and Micah?