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            "Who's Micah?" she asked trying to play dumb.

            "Terry, we've heard enough about you. I recognized you right away," he answered smiling gently.

            "Where am I?" she asked confusedly. Surely they weren't still in the bus.

"My apartment," he answered, "I share it with my master. He should be here soon."

"Who's your master?" she asked beginning to think that something was wrong here.

"You know him."

"Who is he?" she asked cautiously.

"You know him as Jair."

"That piece of scum? He practically turned me over to Micah! He works for him or something."

"Yes. He's a double agent. He runs our organization secretly. That way we know what's happening with dear old Micah."

"But-but I've been to Jair's apartment. This isn't it!"

"He wouldn't bring you here when you were a human!" he exclaimed pretending to be scandalized, "We might have bit you. He didn't want that."

"No I didn't," a cold voice said from behind him. He gulped and put on a welcoming smile that showed off his fangs.

"You're home!" he said.

"Yes, it appears so. Now, why have you brought Micah's human here?"

"I'm not human," she said angrily, "That delusional bastard turned me into one of you."

"I can't believe that even Micah would sink that low. He had to have known-" he cut himself off.

"Had to have known what?" Terry asked dangerously.

"Had to have known that you would never love him if he did that. Margaret fell in love with him because he was kind and gentle. He let her have a choice. You're tougher, Terry. You're different. Even Margaret wouldn't have loved him if he'd forced her, though. Unlike you, she wouldn't have tried to kill him, though. It seems that's where he's made his fatal mistake."

"I haven't tried to kill him. Yet."

"But you will. Just like you killed the hunter who got your brother. Just like you kill anyone who threatens people close to you."

"Yeah, like you're a psychologist."

He laughed, "No, I'm definitely not one of those."



"Will you help me kill him?"

"When the time is right, Ter, we'll both get our revenge where Micah is concerned." She smiled darkly. She would get her revenge. Micah would pay dearly.