"fine horses," said carter "with wings
'tis a damned,

shame" said carter "that,
after our CENTURY

of friendship-"

it has come to this. carter slid a
hand down the
forelegs of the horses- the fine
northern-neck horses-that he
so admired

"the wings thereof" idiosyncrasies

the talent
of liberal lending-
standing bereft

that are fleets storms tides time

"time," colonel carter diagnosis riding whitely
home his white horse "is the cure-all". despicable children-

the sharp father tongue
and wading-

thru' the ashen barn-
and ashen faces and "have you gentlemen heard," carter asks,

away the bill-of-sales (for fine white-winged horse) "that the prices
may be

up this year?"

child. soon you shall
be printing your
own receipts

"come see the fields-"

a morning
in winter that is, crying. deriding.

fitzhugh -

goes about writing to barristers-

the redwood
carved wine-cabinet in
his drawing room clashes
nicely with stuffy
bolingbroke. the tickets were of finest broadside. and colonel, colonel,

do not "despair of your children;
they shall in time develop the
mentality of respect!" dear friend-

ah fitzhugh, the colonel is ashen himself,
from sleeping about the barns. "it is appearance, dear boy!"
and the
newspapers are experts of persevering-

"oh perversity! why
the barometric mercurial soil underfoot, so fine
for winged rappahannock horses,
crumbles beneath the
pining tendrils?

'tis not been a cold winter-"

the barristers are older fitzhugh and
their hearts grow older-

"a fine mess," the nettled wine and the new
wine cabinet.

rappahannock winged horses, suing the bare ground for debt,
fitzhugh- such
a comparative illness, the

parched, and thirsty from a destructive
trip- an
awful scent of indigo-

the smoke is blue,
and curling over the river

and corbin-

(what was not sold by the KING'S ports on the finest rivers-)
smoking and it was fine, quite fine, the weather or the
smoking- blue on the new ships
standing by the KING'S (new england) masts-

and corbin-

"'tis saddened shame, yes-"
"oh the colonel's estranged son"
"and all my

best china. ruined by the passage!"

some friends-

and corbin-

"some friends, and oh, the ASSOCIATION
is bidding puritanical england-isms you know that
a heavy lock,

in one hand" –corbin relates "is oh poor henry's barristers,
riding down the cattle paths to brick-layed cities, to fine horns
and martial


"yes, shall we see-"

and corbin-

speak of the late war. and a new set of herd. fine of hoof. grounded
unlike rappanhannock flying-horses

lee would tame the eagle cliffs, the climbing
vines 'round bastions of attainable cliffs,
lee by

the river saying 'babylon is beyond
our very grasp- it has fallen long ago
and Jerusalem gave out lives in bird song.
so this will

be our own CITY",

lee said this-
and his hair was light or midnight like his eyes,
he grabbed a horse under the colonel and

"oh carter do you not understand?
to sit is to
be outwards, elliptical orbits outwards until it is a moon yet a man,
not a man. a moon"

lee was warm,
in the pressing summer
but it did no mind,
to his apricot moon that lifted the mint
from the heavy liquors. all the old


(by the james)

with sedated eagles pawing like grounded horse, hoof and wing, here
in the rappahannock horse and wing-

lee by the river.
with newsprint in hand, throwing
it outward watch it will be a dove
or a hawk, a nesting hawk,
a nesting

hawk with mahogany wings-


"colonel byrd shot himself in the top room overlooking
the old river."

now all the flying
horses will pay
the finality-

and the finality
is all

standing on a river- on an empty river that is filled with bill-of-sales and cracked china from england, that and a debt paid, colonel.