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The cold rain splashed down on my board shoulders as a lightning bolt struck the ground inches beside me, setting the wild grass aflame. With a yell and a half twist, I spiralled off the ground with my sword to the side, the blade catching the fire. My opponent was dumbstruck and soon, fell by the slash of my sword. Ha! No one could ever defeat…

"Smith! Wake up!"

What? The entire class was laughing their heads off at the fuming teacher beside me. Great… Social outcast? What an understatement.

" Get out of my class!"

I headed home thinking things could not get any duller or dumber than this…

" You are failing ALL of your classes!" shouted Mr Smith, my dad.

" What are we going to do with you!?" this was from my mum.

" A disgrace to the family!" Lastly, my grandma.

It was all to have been expected really. Happened all the time when I was sent home early. I retreated swiftly to the sanctuary of my room. I smiled at what I spotted on the desk and quickly changed my mood.

Better give a little description of my room first: An unmade bed with never-opened curtains beside it; candy wrappers that were my three meals of the days; clothes that should be in the wardrobe; the wardrobe with my platinum edition RPG collection over many hard years that anyone would die for; and lastly, I proudly present my super deluxe game station including a wide-screen TV, home cinema sound system, and the most high-tech games consoles invented by mankind.

I was not an RPG freak. I just happened to love the Final Fantasy Trilogy… and maybe the Lufia series… Dragon Quest games were nice… Lunar… Tales of… Chrono… Okay, I was an RPG freak – big deal. I lived for RPGs. I spent all my time, money and heart into them. Too bad my IT grades prevented me from becoming a games designer.

I flipped through the manual of the new game I just bought yesterday – another masterpiece. I had been awaiting this game's release for months after the unbeatable reviews considering this game to exceed anything even the old Squaresoft could ever come up with.

We shall see after the master is finished with it!

As the game began to load, I felt a strange feeling of sleepiness.

Can't go to sleep now… must play game… damn school in the way or else I would have completed the game already…

I dreaded to think it could be one of those flashing light effects that could give you cancer because this intro was damn intriguing with all its graphics. It almost looked like reality, especially to my dizzy self.

I don't care if I vomit to hell… must start playing game…now…

The screen began to dissolve and I heard the thump as my head made contact with the floor.




A/N: This is gonna be a funny, light-hearted tale – meaning the main character isn't dead yet. Don't expect much serious things from this but do realise it revolves around an imaginary RPG – i.e. there is some sort of plot. Read it as a fantasy story if you want so don't worry if you've never played a video game in your life.