Chapter 9

() Percival ()

I was still feeling drowsy as the moonlight beamed in from the window. We settled in for the night in two separate rooms, with Luciana in one, and all three of us cramped in the other. I had a feeling that it was Zenith's foot that woke me up again.

" GREAVE!" I jolted up in time to see a dark figure disappearing through the window.

" Sir Zenith, what is the alarm?" Dragoon was already in his fighting stance.

" It's that dirty, good for nothing thief!" Zenith was at the window ready to climb out if he knew where Greave had disappeared to in the night.

" Greave?" I got up from bed and yawned. " What are you talking about?"

" He stole your money! Again!" Zenith exclaimed and shook his head. " I knew there was something wrong with this stupid place! It's probably crawling with thieves like him!"

" Stop making a racket Zenith, you may wake Luciana up," I rubbed my eyes. We did not seem to be in immediate danger.

" What? The first thing you think about is Lucy? Are you falling for her or something? Hey! I'm talking to you!"

" Ah, Sir Zenith is right," Dragoon shook his head gloomily. " Our money has vanished."

" Well, just yours," Zenith pulled out his wallet, which was pretty heavy because he always grabbed the Gs left by the monsters before us. We were just the ones that dealt the last blows.

" Sir Zenith! You are a seer of the future!"

" No, I just know something was wrong with this place," Zenith shrugged.

" Then why were you yelling?" I asked. Since I was up, I might as well stay awake.

" That filthy thief stole our food! Especially my last piece of caramel cake! That short ass is gonna PAY!"

" We should check up on Luciana," I walked past him and proceeded to the door.

" Hey! What did I ask you about falling for her? Answer me! Hey!"

" Are thou sure Sir Percival. It is immoral to be in a lady's chambers after…"

" She might have a habit of sleeping naked!" Zenith immediately leapt up, sped past me, causing me to spin on the spot, and barged open the door into Luciana's room. " Oooooh Lucy!"

" Don't do that again!" I tried to regain my composure. Why was I so mad? Could I have fallen for the healer all of a sudden despite the fact that I had no feelings for her whatsoever not long before? It was as ridiculous as Zenith's RPG theories.

" Lady Luciana is not here!" Dragoon's alarmed voice brought me back.

" What?"

" Hey! I think I hear a party going on outside," Zenith scratched his head a little. " Men! Let's move out! It's a PARTY!"

() Zenith ()

" Wow… the party sure is hot…" I blinked at the scene outside at the village centre. A cauldron was in the middle and the boiling water provided the music.

" Seize them!" The Elder, not so friendly anymore, ordered for the attack.



"Villagers appeared!"


" Yeah, they just 'appeared'. Stupid lazy programmers…"

" Zenith, behind you!" Percy warned and I ducked just in time to see a spear swoosh past my face.

" Hey! These things are gonna hurt!" I immediately got to my knees and tried to crawl inconspicuously out of the battle in which Dragoon and Percy were so busy fighting in. When I got to the edge of the circle, I found a shadow at a dark corner. " Greave! You dirty thief! Get the hell back here with my caramel cake!"

() Percival ()

" Zenith! Where are you going?" I spun my sword in a circle to parry two spears as I called out. Dragoon was right beside me, just knocked out one of the villagers. I sighed and kicked the two opponents I was facing out of the way.


DeeDee! Victory!

Earned 800 Exp and 600 G

Dragoon gained a level!


Now where did that message come from? Zenith is rubbing off on me

" Everyone! Hold them back! We must offer the sacrifice!" The Elder roared and every man in the village came forward, blocking our way to the pot. " Bring the sacrifice out to the ceremony table!"

" Lady Luciana!" Dragoon's voice was barely registered in my ears. It can't be!

" Percival! Help!" Luciana was tied up and was being pushed towards the pot.

" Luciana!" I kicked and pushed, but the people barrier did not break. Dragoon and I were stuck behind them, watching helplessly as she was being pushed closer and closer to the pot.

() Zenith ()

" Get back here! I want my caramel cake back!" I screamed.

" Sod off!" Greave turned his head back and yelled. " And I've ate your cake anyway so…"

Greave was not watching his way and crashed straight into a huge figure that I could not believe it was really female.

" Give back statue!" the unquestionably female voice spoke out. Even I was scared to get close to this chick. That mean looking scar on her face really throws the stomach.

" Er… mind explaining anyone?"

() Percival ()

" Stop!" Just as the shaman stopped chanting and was about to throw Luciana into the pot, a female voice called out. I looked around and did not see any resemblance to a female figure around.

" Over here Percy!" Zenith stepped out from behind a guy near an alley. " According to the good, the bad and the ugly rule, this chick is gonna be the only party member who isn't gonna fall in love with ya! You know? That whole every beautiful girl in the game falls for the main hero deal? Well that means all the ugly chicks would either be evil, or not a love interest."

" What?" And to think I said I was going to trust him the next time because of this incident we were still in.

" And this is the exact unfair deal I despise. I mean, even after you defeat all these enemies, you never get past them no matter what sort of huge explosions you can make. It sucks!"

" Elder! No sacrifice!" The 'supposed' female bellowed.

" We know you were against it from the start Lula. However, in order for us to find the Forbid Statue, we must seek guidance from the Gods. Therefore, we need to give them this sacrifice!"

" But it's this Shorty who stole the thing!" Zenith yelled before Lula, the 'female' figure, managed to say anything.

" Sir Greave!" Dragoon gasped beside me. My eyes were still trained on Luciana though, and I just saw an opening in the wall of men.

" Great. The hero just has to save her the flashy way doesn't he?" I heard Zenith sighed as he saw my notion before anyone else.

I leaped through the gap between two men, distracted by Zenith, and forward rolled a metre or two. I stuck my sword out to my side while spinning through the villagers, who stood either surprised or dodged from my blade. When I got to the stage that held the pot, I jumped, did a summersault in the air and landed beside the man who was about to throw Luciana into the pot. I knocked him out with the flat of the blade and caught Luciana before she fell in.

() Luciana ()

My hero

() Zenith ()

" He just has to show off like that even though I saved the day…" I rubbed my temples between my fingers.

" Fine!" the Elder bellowed again, but shaking with rage. " Then bring forth the thief and sacrifice him to the Gods instead!"

" You idiot!" I yelled. " Why would you want to sacrifice the one that actually hid the statue stupid! I mean you just have to go and milk the whole native cannibal idea to pieces."

" I guess I did get carried away…" The Elder scratched the back of his head comically before returning to a serious expression. " However, we must find the Forbid Statue."

" Whatever, it's your line now Percy." I yawned.

" We will help you find the statue back Elder," the hero ever so kindly offered. Heroes just had to get him and his party members into these things doesn't he?


" Okay, a temporary party member." I said as we walked around the forest. Dragoon was staying at the village, the elder said he needed guarantee or something, even if they still held Lucy. I knew it was all just because of the stupid party rule.

" Where did you hide the statue Greave?" Percy asked.

" That's no way to interrogate a thief! We need to hang him up and beat him senseless first before he would talk!"

" Shut up idiot!" Greave yelled.

" He said lost statue to monster." Lula said.

" Where did you get that scar anyway?" I asked curiously.

" Zenith!" Percy jabbed my ribs.

" What? We'll hear the tale sooner or later." I protested. " Whatever. Now we have to find the nearby dungeon."

" How do you know the monster went into the dungeon huh?" Greave crossed his arms.

" That's what always happens. And the thing always has to be at the end of the tunnel as well."

" Your friend hurt head?" Lula asked.

" You can say that…" Percy had a comical sweat drop down his face. " Anyway, just follow him and I'm sure he'll lead us there."

" Thank you! Thank you! Finally someone who recognises my genius!" I almost cried at that moment.

() Percival ()

Maybe I should think again before trusting this guy

" I swear! If you're leading us to somewhere stupid, I'm gonna skin you!" Greave yelled and shook his fist at him.

" Just watch and learn." The party came into a cave with two entryways. One of them was right in front of us and the other was quite far away. Zenith, without hesitation, walked towards the faraway one.

" Where do you think you're going?" Greave screamed. " There's a path right in front of us and you just have to choose the long way?"

" Just shut up and let the genius show you the way," Zenith laughed and I sighed. I guessed we should follow him for now.

" Let's just follow him okay?" I began stepping away and Lula followed.

" What? You're actually going to trust that brain-dead idiot Mr leader!" Greave called and rambled fruitlessly. " Fine! Just waste my breath! See if I care! …Well actually I do…"

After a few random battles, we arrived through the door at a dead-end. I sighed. I really shouldn't have trusted him.

" HA! What did I tell you, you…" Zenith head-butted Greave to shut him up.

" Look closely all you lame-brains!" He waltzed slowly up to the wall and pressed in on something. It was a hidden switch! " Any rough texture in the wall always results in a switch, but I guess only a gaming expert with years of experience like me can see these. And always take Door Number Two."

The three of us stood shocked as Zenith walked back out and towards the door we missed earlier.

Okay, now reconsidering if I should not not trust him… man that doesn't even make sense. I've got a headache… where is Luciana?