Purely Professional, Ron

we are
great friends

and back when I hurt the
sky with all my senseless
proddings at throwing
out words over white sheets
knew me.

and we are
great friends

thank you---
for keeping the scissors out of reach so I could not paste out my
pencil shavings over a greater medium.
if for me you used the word 'sharp' then well enough:
I have taken my
time and stood back with it
hid behind the stars for a moment
in order
to see there is no-
thing in empty selves. contrived insanity. and the Blessed Mother lends you her hand and you step up

and we are
great friends

the last
time we spoke
I was wearing a green shirt
and beige skirt
and do you want to know
thing terribly

I do not remember what you were wearing at all.
and I am free to write about you.
and I am willing to pray for you.
and I am not going to rip up any photographs of men who sat laughing at banalities for you.

there are
these things that I am and that
you have
not chided me gently to fall forward

and we are
great friends

see how I have grown?