My first view upon opening my eyes was of a chandelier, with a few small flames burning on it. Very fancy. Turning my head carefully, I looked at the rest of the room. Paintings on the walls, a few other objects of art and such which looked to be valuable. I myself was in a large bed, with an abundance of blankets and a soft pillow. It all gave the impresssion of being the room of a very important person, or at least a rich one. For some reason or another, what attracted my attention most was a clay vase with flowers in it, with a card beside it, on a small bedside table.

Although I don't even feel like reading the card right now. There's something strange about all this...about me, actually. I feel as if it should be obvious, but my brain is working quite slowly. I'm just out of it.

But the words, 'Get well soon' on the card attracted my attention. More importantly, it gave me clarity. Obviously I am or have been sick. What happened to me, I wonder? Perhaps the card will give me a clue.

I picked it up, still lying on my back, and looked inside.

Dear Victoria, it read.

I closed the card quickly; it had not been meant for me. It being in this room was a mistake, or I being in here was. You see, I am not Victoria. I am--

That is when the great realization came upon me. I have no idea who I am.

I have amnesia.

I am nothing.