*Everyone's green... everyone dies a virgin...*
Her hand tilts and opens
The handful falls gently
but with a fatal finality
the dull thuds echo when it hits
imprinting themselves in my mind
i can see the dirt on his face
right beneath my eyes
*the smiles are only temporary, baby... they always fade...*
i heard somewhere wretched chokes
and broken sobs
only silence in my head.
Conquered without meaning. Glory. Guns.
few people are weeping.
it's too much to hope they are crying on the inside.
i see the tears falling from his eyes...
painted on the back of my eye lids...
*Dad don't cry, even for girls. He's god.*
Years before me [and I was so sure years after]
were soaked with blood, sweat and tears
guns firing and silenced lives
the people around me- barely enough to form a circle-
are the bleeding ones now... old scars reopened...
bleeding, but not for him... never *for* him.
I can almost see the blood running down his cheeks
right in front of my face...
*The look on their faces... Horror, shock, disbelief. All rolled nicely together with a silent scream...*