Part 1

In they walked, a noble pyramid of six. To see them in their adornment was dazzling. The various colours of their cloaks caught the eye, and held it there. The One at the front, whom many called Aharya, was feared and adored throughout the South. Aharya's wrath was like fire, but there were those who did not heed the legends. The kings of the North thought themselves invincible, and continued their cruelty.

Aharya's sacred name was Katia, but only her closest followers ever spoke the name. In those times only some could afford to have a sacred name, for though it gave the bearer great power, others with equal power could use the name to control the bearer. Aharya took measures to protect herself, and so was safe.

Aharya and her followers' cloaks had magical properties. Their various colours reflected their various personalities. Aharya's was a soft yellow, the colour of the sun. Sasha, her right-hand, had a bluish-purple cloak, the colour of heather. Next to Sasha in the pyramid was Katsei. Her cloak was a bright green, like that of a cat's eyes. Behind Sasha and Katsei were Rashelle, Scytha and Kimna. Their cloaks were light purple, blood red, and bright orange respectively.

The Six approached the throne where the king sat. The guards around them bowed to their king. The Six remained standing. The king was no longer a young man, however the lines on his face, that were just beginning to show, came not solely from age. He stared at the Six in surprise for a moment, before bringing himself to his senses. Before he could say a word, however, Aharya spoke up.

"We have grown comfortable here, Your Majesty, but the time has come for us to move on"

This shocked the king into speaking, "We did not expect it, you have been here so long, and taught us much…"

"The time has come." Aharya repeated, "Our spirits have grown restless for the road."

"If you must leave, then we wish you well. You will not leave us the same as you found us. We have grown. We will care for our people, this we promise you."

Aharya smiled, "I do not doubt you. We are leaving at noon. Farewell."

With that the Six turned, and walked slowly back out of the palace.


Noon found the Six at the north gate, mounted on horses with provisions that could last for weeks. They had replaced their soft native cloth with the rough cloth of a traveler. As they turned to say farewell to the people among whom they had lived for so long, and to their king, a lone figure on horseback emerged from the crowd. She approached the Six slowly, hesitantly. Before she was halfway there, however, the king rode urgently up to her. After a hurried, whispered discussion, the king approached Aharya.

"My daughter wishes to accompany you on your…travels. She wishes to see more of the world before she ascends the throne."

Aharya turned to Nika, the king's daughter, "You must understand, this is not a pleasure trip. We will be hungry, cold, and tired before long. We will not stop for pains or pleasure. Do you understand?"

Nika nodded, without hesitation. Aharya studied her closely. "She will be safe with us."

The king's face was a mixture of relief and sorrow. "Goodbye Nika", he whispered as they rode off to the North, and adventure.