You Simply Can't Be My Friend!

It simply doesn't suit someone like me

To have a best friend because, you see, I'm afraid of commitment, afraid of loss. I'm deathly afraid of friendship's costs.

I swore the two of us were acquaintances and no more For even the thought of friends made me sore. She had other friends, and so did I. She dated a boy who was a friend of mine.

She's been there for me since we were small. She was there to help me when I'd fall. We created fantasy worlds of happiness and no pain, And now, denying our friendship is in vain.

She's my best friend through thick and thin Through joy and sorrow, through loss and win. She's smart, witty, fun, funny, as well. She makes my life a living hell.

We'll stick together through all our lives When we're mothers, when we're wives When we're old, and when we're wise, When we're perfecting our apple pies.

Though before I tried to doubt that we were friends, It took me quite a few losses and wins To realize how much she adds to my heart, I should have admitted it from the start.

Best Friend, I thank you for all that you've done Saving me from bad decisions, and jumping the gun. I love you as a sister, in Christ, and in soul. You've made me fearless, and you've made me bold.

Stick with me always, though I may falter. Just know this: my life you have altered. May life bless you to your heart's full content. You can never really know how much to me you've meant.

May we be best friends forever No matter what we may endeavor. I ask myself: when did I allow us to become friends? The answer is never; it's just always been.

(dedicated to: my best friend, who else??)