A Letter from God

Author's Note: This poem was inspired as a response to Lady Q's "Where Are You?".

My Precious Child,

I breathed into you my life,
My hands molded yours with pride.
I grieved that you would be born in a world
Of separation, of sin, of lawlessness,
Where the blind man beats his child,
Where innocence is lost.
The Law has broken the world
Away from my presence.
And apart from my breath of life lies only death.

The Law requires justice,
But Love required grace,
And so I built a bridge.

I am here,
Though there are those who refuse to listen,
Who refuse to lift a finger.
Their eyes are blinded by their own made-up cares;
Their hands are bound by fear.
Do not mistake their ignorance for my inexistence,
Their apathy for mine.

To save you, I gave my life.
Do you doubt my love?
To redeem you, I conquered death.
Can you scorn my power?
To win you, I never stopped calling your name.
Do not deny my existence.

Take my hand, child,
And you will tread on snakes and scorpions
Through the midst of a dying world.
Reach out to it
As I reach out to you,
But do not let go of my hand,
Or you will be dragged down.

Cling tightly to this truth: I am here
And will never leave your side.
You are my eyes and ears,
My hands and feet.
Use them wisely,
And the world will not count me absent.