A smile and he's gone
Maybe missed by some
The dark alley hides the traces
Some blood covers my braces,
Shadows of the buildings hide me
Here is nothing left for you to see.

Carry him and throw him
In the trunk
And dump him in the lake
It was good for other's sake
Now no one from him
Bruises and cuts has to take.

Silvery Hush Puppy cleaned
To the bone,
He's my only friend,
Since nothin's set in stone.

Dark alley,hidden sound
And he's down
Haha, now you know
There ain't no pain
Like from the opposite sex
The irony in it
But no one will keep
A candle for me or you lit.

I see thee
One bullet , two bullets
The queen shot the king down
It's over , the game of chess.

Bang! Bang!
And they're down
You laughed like a stupid clown
When they shot the woman down
Kick you in the trash
Your suit is ruined
Whoops ! Sorry....
I think I'm a bit brain screwed!

To make you pay
I'll walk to the end of the line
To make everyone you hurt's revenge mine.

Hush Puppy for the ones you killed
Right trough the brain,
Leave you in the desert so you can drain,
75 Desert Eagle for the ones you left alone
Kick you off your golden throne,
12 Calibre from distance for the smiley kids
That you took home and erased their smiles
For theme I'll watch how your world dies
9mm in the heart
for the ones you killed their innocence
Watch how your body
Goes down in the pond trough the mist falling dense.

Bang! Bang!
Armani suit killer I throw you down,
No....my mistake....
I think I shot you down.