Can you hear?
Hear this silence,
Breaking all breath,
That we could dare to breathe.

Can you see?
See this darkness,
Stretching forth through the night,
Forever, even into day.

Can you feel?
Feel me falling,
Falling down, down, down,
Into nothing, into the sea.

And I'm calling out to you
Save me from these,
These knarled hands that hold me,
Save me from these screams.

And I'm scared of falling,
Falling deeper then I have before,
Save me darling, cant you?
Tear me from this sea of hellish dreams.

And I'm watching the world swing forward,
Into the sky, wishing I could join in flight,
Instead I'm falling fast into the sea,
And out of your arms.

And I'm scared of losing,
Scared of losing you to silence,
I'm scared of saying goodbye,
Because now I know how the truth ends.

And I'm reaching out,
Reaching into your heart,
I'm begging one last time for you to hear me,
Save me darling, can't you?

Can you hear?
Hear my heart breaking,
Breaking from your grasp,
Losing your warmth.

Can you see?
See me crying,
See my eyes turning
Turning from sky to steely sea,

Can you feel?
Feel me fading,
Falling down, down, down,
Into nothing, out of you.

Save me darling...
Don't make me say goodbye,
Goodbye to light, to love,
Save me darling...can't you?