World, Towers, Colors
*Originally had this as an untitled work*
Tuesday October 1 2002

The World begins to fall apart
With each breaking sound of our hearts.
I hear the church bells ringing.
I feel the bullets wiz by, zinging.

Death and destruction consumes us so
That the world turns dark, losing its shimmering glow.
The explosions are bright, like hot winds they blow.
Many fall from their Towers, air escaping as moans.
With a swoosh and a thud, I hear the cracking of bones.
The smell of burnt flesh runs rancid in the air.
A moment of silence becomes rarest of rare.

Planes smashing, buildings crashing
People dying, Colors flying
Homes ablaze, men in rage
Call to arms, instill more harm
Begin the countdowns, nuke the large towns
Suffer, pain, angst, death, fear
Destruction and demise, all are near.

Can't we forgive, learn to love?
Forget the past, release the doves?
The year is now two thousand two,
How many chances for peace has your (our) country blew?

by trevor wallace

"I hope you had the time of your life" -Green Day