Regretful Birthday

By – DigiFreak103

DF103 – Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, I'm officially 15…*blows the candles*…yeah

Paco – She's lost it…

DF103 – You are just saying that because you don't have a birthday…

Paco – *runs away and cries*

DF103 – Crybaby…NEways…Yes today is my birthday and I am 15…I am writing this story because I want to…If you end up reading this…you'll see that it is very corny…so I guess have fun reading…oh and this is not true…and I own all of this…including me…

'Another stupid interview meeting tomorrow.' I thought, as I played my messages in the answering machine. "How many more do I have to put up with before I die?" I asked. Then a thought sprang out of my head, giving me an idea. A large grin grew on my face as I went to my closet to grab my gun.

I stared at for a while. "My life sucked." I said walking into the living room. 'Mom was right. Fame isn't everything. It's cost me my life.' I thought turning the TV on and taking a seat on the couch, putting the small gun on the coffee table. I was channel surfing and found that my interview was on air. I decided to watch it to see how stupid I looked.

Talk show host – Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Today we have a special guest on our show, Sak, the author of many books. How are you doing today?

TV Sak – I'm just great, sad and depressed as usual.

(Audience laughs)

'That was so pathetic.' I thought, still watching the screen.

Talk show host – So, Sak, tell us about your new book that is coming out tomorrow.

TV Sak – Well, I don't want to give anything away, but, really, it's just a book of poems.

Talk show host – Now, TIME magazine says that you are like the incarnation of Edgar Allan Poe. What do you think about that?

TV Sak – That's just awesome. He has been my favorite author since I was about 10.

Talk show host – Speaking of age, doesn't today, October 2, have any significance to you?

TV Sak – Oh yes…my birthday.

(Audience cheers and stage people roll out a big table with a huge cake)

Talk show host – Happy Birthday, Sak. How old are you today?

TV Sak – I'm officially 25.

Talk show host – Make a wish and blow out the candles.

(Sak blows candles out and audience cheers)

'I can't take this anymore.' I thought as I grabbed the gun and put it to my head. POW!! The ringing of the gun echoed throughout the house and the neighborhood. Sak fell to the ground with a 'THUD.' Her TV went on…

Talk show host – What did you wish for, Sak?

TV Sak – To live another year.

Talk show host - Now don't we all…

DF103 – That was a stupid and pointless story.

Paco - *sniff sniff* I know…you aren't going to do that, are you?

DF103 – Of course not…YOU CRAZY?? I just wrote this to let all my friends know that it was b-day. Please R+R NEways…I like hearing from the readers…THANX…PEACE……