Lovely Death

Grayed skies encroaching,
Dark path rising up to meet.
The walls of heaven and hell approach,
Almost as though to greet.
Eerie sounds echo,
Musty laughs of trees.
Silent screams of sickly moors,
Tossed upon the breeze.
Dampness soaking to the bone,
Dry coughing in the throat.
Walk silently among the death,
In the air hate seems to float.
This cold gray world is quiet,
Save for the earth's soft screams.
The frozen streambed silent,
Trapping long lost dreams.
Most loathe this hour greatly,
For I it is a long awaited day.
The bleak wind among dead flowers,
In great depressed array.
Look unto the clouded sky,
Across the frozen earth.
This is the place I treasure,
The place of my birth.