Ariadne Azmond
Ariadne Azmond:

a character sketch

Astronomer Azmond had blue eyes so cold
They've frozen in memory, brazen and bold.
Above her pale forehead, a wealth of dark hair
Hung straight to her shoulders, but curled out there.
She was hard as a diamond and acted the part,
But the stars were the heat that melted her heart.
She knew the whole galaxy, from one end to other,
And comets were friends just as close as a brother.
She, away from the stars, put a mask on her head
Till its suffering seemed pride and courage instead,
For the past that she hid was too painful to show,
And she had lesser friends than her number of foe.
With the colors of death, a locket she wore,
Containing the love she was offered no more.
A medium heighth and unnaturally thin,
Her years on this earth had been eighteen and ten.