I don't know what he sees in her.
She's plain, ugly.
Her long scraggly brown hair doesn't stay perfect.
Rather it falls from it's holder
escaping in strange uneven strands.
She has the ugliest red/brown eyes
Never does she wear the fashionable makeup, just some gloss for her lips.
She's not trendy or fresh.
She plain
she's ugly
and she's in all the rumors.

They say he fallows her around
and she never notices,
they say he waits for her to pass
and watches as she leaves
They say he witnesses her fights
and continues the war after she has left.
They say that he talks about her in his sleep,
writes about her in his poems,
thinks of her during the summer.

It can't be true, not him, not anyone would look at her.
She's plain,
she's ugly,