A/N: Meh, I was feeling all sappy and stuff last night, and I wrote this. It's about the guy I like. It's not all that good, but I guess it's okay. I'm not really a poet, I'm better at writing stories. So humor me, okay?

It's so hard -
being around him, I mean.
He's such a wonderful guy:
Why would he like me?
I'm far from perfect.
Just average -
Nothing special here.
But he
Astouding, stupendous
awesome, phenomenal,
and anything else
my thesaurus
can come up with.

He has beautiful eyes.
is the closest color
I could come up with.
But they're not quite that
They're something else
A different color
with no name.
And I couldn't give it a name
even if I wanted.
I'm not so good with words.
I wish I was.

His smile
Gives me butterflies
Cliché, I know,
So sue me,
It does!
It's not my fault,
it's his.
He has to be so perfect.
He has to make me fall in love with him.
Now I'm in love,
I'm thinking of him all the time -
I can't stop.
When I'm not with him
I miss him.
When I am with him
I'm on Cloud 9.
Now I'm in love with him -

Now what?