Does it taste good, your sweet revenge?

Does it taste good to hurt?.

Will the blood in your mouth ever be gone,

will your actions ever be made to pay?

Does the flavor of my hurt, my pain, my suffering,

make you turn strong and alive?

Look at yourself.

What do you see?

Thousand tears in your palms?

Do you see the pride, the faith you took away?

Do you see a child?

Does it taste good, I ask.

Driving me over the edge?

You almost did. ...

But I'm stronger now,

I am me.

I don't need no mirror to tell me the truth.

Because I look in your eyes,

Watch you struggling inside.

And I have not missed out on you.

I don't need the wind to whisper my name,

I don't need the world no more.

Because I'm stronger now.

My only question is,

As I walk on your grave.

Does it taste good? ...

To the only person who used to know.