Written whilst holidaying in Sydney but not really set there, more of a New York or L.A. setting. It tells the story of a female vampire that is lonely and searching for someone like her, whilst reflecting on how people had changed and how all are lost, they just don't know it.


The city lights twinkled in the dark night sky, highlighting the outline of the tall skyscrapers. The cool temperature added to the calm and tranquil feeling of the night as the flashing neon signs created a contradictory feeling of chaotic urgency. Steam rose in bellowing puffs from roof top exhaust valves as restaurant kitchens bustled with commotion, the many chefs prepared for the evening rush of diners. Cars made their way languorously up the crowded traffic light ridden streets as their occupants inwardly rushed to get to their prior pressing engagements. A constant stream of flashing lights traversed across the blackened sky as airplanes arrived and departed even at such a later hour.

She saw all and noted all, storing it to memory. She knew not why she sat at her hotel window watching the night unfold about her, but for some reason it felt right. She still held the hope that one day, from the darkness of the night, one like herself would step out and end her seemingly endless search.

In all her long years she had never seen another like herself, another that was driven on by the lust for excitement and the thrill of the chase for blood. A creature of the night she was born and a creature of the night she had stayed for over seven thousand years. She had seen flame and death, famine and plentiful harvest, empires rise only to fall and the terrified frenzy people worked themselves into over things that they did not comprehend.

Kaia watched the streets and dark allies with eagle like eyes, waiting for something to happen. a young girl, no older than sixteen, worked the corner near her hotel. The skimpy top and short skirt with the knee high leather boots attracting a lot of attention from pedestrians, and it was only a matter of minutes before she hopped into a car, her night obviously now booked. The driver was the type that Kaia was used to; a small white male in his late thirties who, apart from the paid prostitute, had never seen action in his entire life. He was the type who would sit at home, watching the X-Files or Star Trek to all hours of the early morning, until he went to his bed for a few hours of restless sleep, dreaming about the high school cheerleader that he could have had a chance with had he been someone else. He would then go to work, some dreary office job in which he was at the beck and call of anyone that claimed to be higher in rank then him, only to spend the whole day fantasying about the next time he would find some pretty young girl to fix the craving that burned in his stomach and loins. They were all the same, even from the very beginning of time.

Moving her gaze from the now speeding off car, Kaia saw two men in a back ally. They stood, half concealed by a large industrial dumpster, next to each other and pressed against the wall. The more shifty one of the two reached into his pocket and pulled out a large envelope, that was stuffed that full that the flap could barely close, and handed it over to the other. The man checked the contents and then passed over his own smaller envelope, obviously housing some form of street drug.

It was the same thing every night, the same actions just different people carrying them out. It was a strange city with strange people that lived within its boundaries. As big and full as it was, everyone was alone, for that was what befell the people that resided there too long. They died inside; became a shell of their old selves that lived and talked just as they used to, but they were not really there. They were off in a different world, a place were they could be happy and be and do whatever they wanted. A place where the scorned geek got the prom queen and where the addict could swim in a sea of what drove him on and what's more, the drug was free. Even those who had someone to love or to sit and talk with were alone for they were alone inside. One could walk for hours in the thick crowds and still be completely alone with no one to connect with or to share a thought.

Sighing loudly, Kaia rose from the depressing sight that her window revealed to her and crossed her room to the television set. Flopping down in the chair and switching the set on, she came in on the late news.

"A young girl was found near the side of the highway, striped and bruised after being abducted from her home three days ago. It is believed that she was sexually assaulted and that she knew her assailant. In more news, a series of break ins have put a neighborhood on the watch for what they believe is a teen of about seventeen years old. The same suspect is thought to be the same person that beat an elderly woman to death only a week ago."

The same news as the week before, and the year before that. It was all ways the same, as the dead people of this ghost town could think of nothing better to do that would get their hearts racing and the adrenaline pumping thought their veins. People are sheep, they do what the other does and only ever do something different in hopes of making people follow in their wake, successfully starting a trend that would hopefully one day be recognized as coming from them. The population had, as a whole, lost their individuality as time had progressed. They had become drones of the advertisements that the t.v and billboards displayed and did as they where told. They brought whatever the salesman told them and thought whatever their partner thought.

It was with this in mind that Kaia once again grabbed her leather jacket and walked out the door, locking it behind her. As she walked aimlessly down the street, lit by the headlights of passing cars and overhead lights, she continued her search for someone to click with, for someone that was like her and had seen the things that she had seen.

Yet, as she disappeared into the steam that flowed out from the drains leading down into the dank sewer, she could not but help wonder if her search was in vain. If she was as dead as these people that walk briskly beside her and, on the chance that she found someone, would they be dead to the world too?


The end.

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