How can you ignore their pain?

Don't you feel it?

How can you look with disdain?

Don't you see?

How can you ignore their tears?

Don't you cry them?

How can you be one who sneers?

Don't you understand?

How can you be so cold?

Your silence kills

Why can't your eyes behold

The ignorance within

Would you give your life for someone else?

Would you?

When you live

Another dies

When you smile

Another cries

How can you be happy?

How can you be so naïve?

When all around you

Tortured souls bleed

You are a murderer

You will pay

With blinded eyes

You look away

You keep suffering secret

And so you kill

You try to run

But you run to stand still

You can not escape your poison

For its in your veins

From your reticence

The devil gains

You are an angel of hell

Because you will not act

Your position is clear

That's a fact

You're a silent killer

In darkness your slay

You are a murderer

And you will pay









Left for dead


Living in poverty


And you give them no regard

You don't care

All the problems are too hard And you're not going to fight

It's a battle that can't be won

You're going to risk your life

It's a war that was never begun

Because people like you are weak

You hide within your illusion

Of a perfect world

Becoming more and more a delusion

A cheap metaphor

You think only for yourself

And the blood you have shed

You care not for others

And so your heart is dead

Author's Notes: I'm really pissed off at the moment..