Hiding behind a mask
Seeking refuge in a name
A facade that conceals
A tumultuous flame

She hides herself from the world
From her castle's tower serenaded
But her ice palace can't be touched
Of her life she is jaded

So she dances a
Never ending masquerade
Conceals so much
Paints an eternal facade

She shies from his passion
Fears the colour in his art
Love such sweet torture
Tenderly kills her chary heart

She has built her fortress
But he can see within
Her heart remains closed
He is outside looking in

He can see
Beneath her mask
In her frosted core lies
A heart of glass

She feels violated
Yet she dreams of him
Raped of her solitude
She wants him looking in

But what would he see?
Amongst a confused catacomb
Inside a swirling kaleidoscope
His eyes would roam

Watching shocked and afraid
At what she could feel
What the ice-palace she had made
Could for eons conceal

Red with blood
Lips that speak only of desire
Alive with ardour
Eyes that dance with fire

Pale like death
A face tortured and betrayed
Greatly disturbed
A heart battered and decayed

Bruised and abused
A spirit enduring the dying hour
The poisoned rose
A wilted Souls flower

A frosted queen inside
Bitter ice at the core
Scarred from the past
Unable to withstand more

But he understands
But does not yet know
Warmth can melt the outer layers
But never reaches deeper snow

She is sullen outside
A cutting master of sin
She is dying inside
Seeking refuge within

And no one will reach out....