the emotions i feel
their complex web
their grotesque patterns
ever perplexing
yet wonderfully enthralling
their feel intoxicating
so smothering
like the cheap perfume
of the lady of the night
their intricate weavings
twisting and turning
a complexity i cannot be
that leads forever
yet so simplistic
i should guess
if not for the alluring scent
trapped in their web
and yet not wishing to be free
a slave to their command
devoted to them alone
i will never be free
but i do not care
indifference is beyond
beyond the power
of mortals
and i do not want
to be free
so leave me to die
in this endless web
with its sandpaper texture
and the cheap perfume
that intoxicates like brandy
complex simplicity
that is beyond me

By Raina-chan. Copyrighted, so no stealing.