By:Andrew Troy Keller

There,in the realm of history,
Was a place known as the House of Mystery.
And on Halloween night,
A doctor named Orson Knight
Has dared himself to enter,and solve the mystery.

He was a man of science,
With a degree of the Nth highest.
So,he was about to go into history
By solving the mystery,
With the tools of science.

Had gone inside,this man with a dream.
But suddenly,there was a scream,
That came from within the place.
And everyone else had ran,in due haste,
To the source of the scream.

As the others had brought in the light,
they were shocked by a frightening sight.
There,in a scene of pure dread,
Had lied Orson in a pool of purest,deepest red.

And,it was going to be worse
For the next one who dares challenge the curse.
That house has kept it's mystery.
That house will always keep mystery.
Please,for the sake of God,do not challenge the curse.