Try to help me and I'll shun you away, try to heal me and I'll keep you at bay. Don't touch me, don't come a step closer don't try to figure me out I'm nothing to you, don't think I am I'll make sure you stay out. I'll keep a straight face and hide the fears you are strong and I am not, even after these lost years. your nothing to me, I'm nothing to you everything you know, It's all untrue I'll take you out of my blood to bring peace break the parts of my mind to bring release. It's stale to the taste guilt and pain laced I'll keep my distance from your eyes and the story will finally untie. I was what you said I was now I'm me, though as me as I'm nothing. but now the blood on my wrists is drying, the pain that radiated death that stole away my breath, fade as my body falls downward to the ground, bliss and peace surround. Your gone, drowned in the darkness everything falls away into a void of meaningless. At last it's all gone, the pain, the hate, you. It's all clear now, it's all true.