When wishes come true I made up everything in this story, except for some of the songs Ch.1???? "I'll see you tomorrow, John?" I asked

"Sure. I'll pick you up at 5:00 tomorrow night for the dance?" asked John

"So early, the dance doesn't start until 6:30!! But sure yah what ever." I replied

I walk toward the door and John stops me. We look right into each other's eyes and then John gives me a long passionate kiss.

"Well, I'll see you tomorrow at school Ashley."

"Bye John!!"

I walk in the door and lean on it.

"So I bet ya'll (the readers) are wondering how this wish came true. I'll tell you."

It all started one week before the dance and I wanted to ask this one guy out to the dance, his name is Jacob but everyone calls him John. And you know sometimes just to make him mad I call him Jake but that is beside the point. "Hey john it's me Ashley I was just wondering if you were going to the dance next Friday cause I like to see if I should even go. I like to see how many of my friends are going you know? So hey get back to me a.s.a.p. Well, I g2g ttfn tata for now-Ashley." I wrote and then pressed send on the computer screen.

I e-mailed him my letter on Friday almost asking him out to the dance. I waited two very anxious days waiting for John to reply. Finally on Sunday he finally returned my e-mail and said yes that for one of the first times he actually was going to go to the dance! So that day I e-mailed him back asking him if he would go to the dance with me. But I also said that if he said yes that he would have to come pick me up because my mom would refuse to pick him up. On Monday I told all of my friends that he said yes he was going to the dance. Then on Tuesday after two days waiting for his response he got back to me and said that he would come pick me up for the dance that Saturday.

"YES!!!!!!! MOMMY HE SAID YES!!!EVERYONE HERE THAT I HAVE A DATE FOR THE DANCE!!!!!!YES!!!YES!!!YES!!*Picks up phone and calls all of her friends*GUESS WHAT YA'LL, I HAVE A DATE FOR THE DANCE!!!!!!"

that day when I went to English class the room was unusually cold. I sat at one end of the room and John sat at another. In just about the middle of the class whe I was doing my work for some reason I looked up and our eyes met John's beatiful eyes were looking long and hard into mine. Just then John asked the teacher if he could go get his jacket from his locker. Of coarse she said yes, and so he went and got it.

When he got back I knew that he had somehow figured out that I was cold because he came over to me and place his soft, forest green, long sleeved, hooded, Massimo jacket right over my shoulders.

"Awwwwwwww" the entire class said in unison.

"Mr. Swanky that was very sweet and kind of you but would you please take your seat?" asked the teacher

"Yes ma'am."

Nothing really happened other than that on that day but just wait until I tell you what else happened that week!