When wishes come true


The skating rink

Wednesday night I called up John and asked him if he wanted to go skating on Thursday (the day before the dance). He said sure and I told him to bring a friend so that way he wasn't the only guy hanging out with me.

After that I took a shower and then went to bed. Thursday morning when I got on the bus I asked my friend Ashley M. to come skating with a few friends and me.

"Sure. I don't skate that well though." She replied

"Thanks. So I'll see you there at 6:30.k?" I asked


I went back to listening to my music for the rest of the ride. When I got to school I went to the gym and saw John.

"Hezzlo." I said

"Hi." Replied John

"You nervous about the social studies test today?"

"Extremely. You?"

"I didn't study. What do you think?"

"WOW! That really sucks. Hey, at least you don't have him first thing."

"Yeah, I guess your right. So I'll see you at Hay Good tonight at about. um. 6:30?"

"6:30! The doors don't open until 7:30!"

"I know, but we need to be there really early or we won't get good skates."

"Whatever. Well, I guess your right."

"See you then."

We left the gym and went to class. The rest of the day we concentrated on our work then went home. When I got home I called my friend Ashley S.

"Hey." I said

"Hey." Ashley replied

"Can you come skating?"


"I'll see you there at 6:30?"




From 4:30-5:30 I was on the computer chatting with my friends. After that I ate dinner and took a shower. At that point it was 6:15 and I got in the car and went to the skating rink. About 5min after I got there Ashley S arrived.

"Hey." I said.

"Howdy." Ashley S replied.

Just then Ashley M arrived.

"Hey." I said

"Hey Ashley." She replied.

"Ashley M, this is Ashley S. Geeze, do you think that our name is popular?"

"Yup." They replied in unison.

About 5min later I saw John and his friend David.

"Hey y'all." I yelled

"Hey." Replied John

"Hey." Replied David.

We waited and talked for about an hour and they finally let us in. we went up to the skate rental and got our skates. We put them on and got out onto the floor. We were the first ones skating.

"This is pretty cool. You know, me and you hanging out places other than school." I said to John.

"Yeah, I guess so." He replied

"Hey Ashley?" I said

"Yeah." Ashley s and Ashley m replied in unison.

"No. I was talking to you." I walked over to my friend Ashley n.

"Dude!!, wait! You *John points to me*, you *John points to Ashley s. *, you *he points to Ashley m. *, and you *he points to Ashley n. * are all named Ashley? This is way to confusing. *grabs head and looks confused*. Too many Ashley's!!!!" screamed John.

"It's okay. I'm going to go off and hang with ashley n." stated ashley m.

"Cool. Well, I'll see you at school." I replied.

John sighed with relief. We skated and talked for about an hour.

"Hey, y'all want to go and get a glow necklace so that we can skate when they have a glow skate?"

"Sure." Ashley S, John, and David replied in unison.

*Authors note- I will now refer to Ashley S. as just ashley*

We went and got our glow sticks. I didn't have any money so John bought it for me (he's such a sweetie). Then a couple skate came on.

"Aww man. I sure wish that I had a person to skate with." I sighed.

"May I have this skate?" John put his hand in front of me and asked me to skate with him.

"Why, I thought that you would never ask." I replied.

The song was everywhere. I loved this song because it described how I felt about John.

"Oh, come on, let's skate!" Ashley grabbed David's arm and pulled him off of the seat. Then she dragged him onto the floor and they held hands.

The song was over and they finally did the glow skate (that is when only the people who bought glow necklaces can skate). Again John and I, and David and Ashley skated together. While I was skating my glow stick fell. John leaned down and picked it up. When he was getting up he fell on top of me in a hugging position. We stayed that way until the end of the skate. Right at the end of that skate though, John placed the glow stick back on top of my head in a halo position and kissed me on the forehead. Right after that I saw David and Ashley kiss. It was so cute. That was the end of the skating and we turned in our skates. John and I, and David and Ashley kissed and said good night. Our moms picked us up and we went home. I think I had a pretty good night don't you?

A/n: All of this is made up. None of it is true.