Dark Moon

Chapter One: The Pack

The winter was cold and the snow was thick. A blizzard had hit the land. In the forest, a femme wolf pads through the foilage, searching for the slightest bit of food. With the winter came famine, all the food hibernating in their secret spots. A strange noise rushies through the bushes. The she-wolflooks in alarm, her deep brown eyes scanning the area.
"Who's there?", she cries out, nervously.
"Moonlight? Is that you?", came the voice.
Moonlight let out a sigh. It was her younger brother, Mercury looking for her.
"Yes, Merc, it's me."
"Oh. well, mom said you hafta come home or you'll get left behind."
"Oh! I almost forgot!"
Once every two weeks in the winter, her pack, the Upper River pack, migrated to find somewhere with more food. Twelve wolves depleted the food supply very quickly.
Perhaps I should teel you the names of the others in Moonlights pack. They are
Jupiter and Luminesce, Moonlights mother and father, Chimi and Thor, the leaders of the pack, Iris and Etho, Chimi and Thors daughter and son, Dania, an orphaned she wolf and one of Moonlights best friends, Sky and Wind, two brothers who never seperated, and Ramisa, the scraggly wolf who had joined their pack not long ago.
Ramisa.... she was an angered wolf. Her mate had been killed by a bear, and her only pup was lost in a snow storm. Needless to say, she didn't hvae many friends. The only person who really ever talked to her was Dania, who had a similar experience.
"Moonlight! Wait up!"
"Mercury, you're so slow! Geez!" She slowed down so he could catch up.
Her mother was waiting for her at the mouth of the forest. She had a scowl on her face the size of... something really big, I suppose.
"Moonlight! Look at you! you're an absolute mess! You're beautiful black fur is matted and has sticks in it everywhere."
"Aw, mom, it's not that bad."
While Luminesce proceeding in cleaning up Moonlight, Iris watched from the openeing of the den they had been staying in.
"Yeah Moonlight! I'm careful, so my lovely white fur doesn't get dirty!"
Moonlight looked over at her, annoyed. Moonlight secretly envied Iris's white pelt, but she wouldn't ever let her know.
Sky looked over at the two girls. He never really said much. No one knew where he and Wind came from. All they know is they showed up one day, no questions asked. There was just something... odd.... about them.
Chimi, Thor, and Jupiter were in the cave, discussing where they would head to next. It was a particuarly boring conversation.
Wind, Dania, and Ramisa were laying in the snow, doing mostly nothing. Dania looked up at the sky.
"I wish I could see what it looked like, with out all this snow...."
Wind looked over at Moonlight. Her fur was getting to it's usual glossy sheen. He grinned happily. He liked shiny things.
Moonlight got up and pretty much darted from her mother.
"Thanks Mom, I'm all clean now. I think I'll go see what Mercs up to."
She pranced around in the snow. All the other wolves hated this season, but this was her favorite. She loved the cold, and the snow. She loved the chill of the wind and the crunch when she walk throught the meadows. Happily, she rolled over onto her back and took in the scent of the fresh, winter air.
After getting bored with laying around, she decided she would go see what her brother was doing. She strolled through the snow, looking for him.
Her sensitive ears picked up something moving around behind her. She quickly looked back.
Was it food? She saw something gray moving in the distance, and she quickly turned around.
"Who's there?", she yelled.
The thing didn't answer, it just kept coming closer.