Soon after the whole thing, everything pretty much went back to normal. Sky and Iris were mates, but Moonlight and Wind still flirted. Mercury and Ethos laughed and made faces as the lovebirds ran around. Dania, ramisa, and Kylter went off by themselves occasionally, while the rest stayed exactly the same, pretty much unfased. Moonlight often had dreams, terrible, ripping dreams that tore at her heart and made her wake up, writhing in pain. The words the

Dark Spirit said to her still echoed in her head to this day.

"One day, I will return for the gem."

The End...

(A.N.: Wow. Is it really over? No.. I don't think so. One day, when I feel confident, a sequel will be created. W00t. n.n Thanks to everyone who encouraged me to keep writing. I love you! xD)