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All the horrors posted here. What freaks you out? What keeps you wanting to know more? It's all here, and you can be apart of it. Also, post your stories for readers to read and review, ask for advice, give advice, take the advice...
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I'm sorry if this is off topic or anything but i would love it if i got more reviews for my stories. I need criticism, good and bad so i can improve my writing. I would appreciate it if anyone looking for some horror were to read my stories and actually get scared. This seems like a pathetic attempt to have someone read my works, but hey, as long as i get some reviews to help my improve, i'll appreciate it.

6/18/2008 #1
Ventus Shadows

I also wouldn't mind getting a few reviews on my story Killings: Case 1.

I really need reviews for that.

7/3/2008 . Edited 7/3/2008 #2
Ronnie Knight

I'm always happy R&R what other people have to offer. =D

7/4/2008 #3
Angelic Hellraiser

Hello there :D

I'd really appreciate it if some of you guys stopped by to check out my current stories: untitled & Irregularity.

Thanks to those that do!

8/26/2008 #4
Angelic Hellraiser

Hello there :D

I'd really appreciate it if some of you guys stopped by to check out my current stories: untitled & Irregularity.

Thanks to those that do!

8/26/2008 #5
No Longer An Account

And I wouldn't mind a few reviews for my story "Let the Bodies Hit the Floor"; the first draft isn't too far from being done, and I could really use the motivation.

9/12/2008 #6

I also need some health criticism for my horror stories!

11/10/2008 #7

I would be delighted if someone could read through my work and tell me where my stories fall apart and where they actually scare. It would make my day if someone would be so kind as to tear apart my work and thus help me make it stronger and better.

1/5/2009 #8

If anyone would mind reading my stories and giving me some constructive criticism, I would appreciate it.

Thank You

1/20/2009 #9

Hi, I need my stuff read too, I just found this lil tid bit of the internet and I would always apprechiate new comments on my stories. My stories have no comments on either this site and fanfiction and I'm getting kind of fed up with that. So I'm seeing if anyone would do me a favor and R&R. Will return the favor back and give constructive criticism.

Story: The violin of Audric Beaumont

4/9/2009 #10

Lurv the person who give reviews to my stories!


Radio CKY: Volume One

5/14/2009 #11

Anyone willing, plase check out my curent story entitled Codename: Echo. Review and i will return the favour :)

6/9/2009 #12

Can people please Review my only story?

I would love some critiques! ^-^

6/11/2009 #13

I will return favours if people will read my stories that i have created. I will really appreciate it if people will read and leave reviews of any kind.


9/8/2009 #14


You're invited to enter a world of catastrophe and follow a generation plagued by its towns demented past. Embark on a haunting and disturbing adventure with three young boys as they explore the menacing halls of the Hudson House. Discover the house's demands and learn its chilling secrets. Be the first to see what it hides in its dark depths. Hudson House is collecting and you're past due.

9/10/2010 #15

I will return reviews to anyone who reviews Monster. It's a short story, too, so you wouldn't even have to read much. I'd just really like some reviews. I reposted it after reworking some parts and it used to have fairly positive reviews, but no one has said anything since it went back up.

9/17/2010 #16
R. E. Ellison

Gotta tell you, your synopsis alone would get me to read a NOVEL if I read it browsing around in a bookstore - but maybe it's because it hits on about four of my faves in the genre. The issue is time - don't have enough of it online.

You need the narrator of those film previews for this!

10/7/2010 #17
I would also,like reviews for my story 'Untitled' ...I fail at coming up with titles,and summary's -_-
1/10/2012 #18
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